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How To Create Commercial Invoices in Numbers

Invoices act similar to a receipt; however, they are quite different from each other. There are numerous of invoices you can use for diverse reasons. One type is a commercial invoice. This type of invoice will be used to provide customers with a summary of the expenses and shipping of the goods and services they availed. Customs can also use this to determine the value of the imported products for tax evaluation. A commercial invoice is vital for a business since it is utilized for documentation and monitoring purposes. For that reason, you might be interested in making one for your business.

A commercial invoice does not have a standard format; however, there are a lot of considerations when making a commercial invoice. Know how to build one by following the tips that we offer below. Here's how:

1. Understand The Function Of A Commercial Invoice

In order for you to create a functional commercial invoice, you need to understand what a commercial invoice is beforehand. If you don't know, a commercial invoice is the bases and guide for businesses for their transactions and auditing of sales. This is also relevant on both sides of the client, and the manufacturer since this document will serve as proof of purchase.

Commercial invoices are also used by customs for foreign trade. This document can be used as a declaration that the customs gave you a go sign to export and import your goods across international borders. Try to research online to learn more about commercial invoices if you are still confused.

2. Use Our Commercial Invoice Templates

As discussed above, a commercial invoice does not have a standard format. But if you haven't encountered making one before, we suggest you use a ready-made invoice template instead. You might have noticed while scrolling our website that we have numerous commercial invoice templates available. Those templates are fully customizable to suit the information you want to encode. You can instantly download one and keep it forever.

3. Utilize Apple Numbers

Whether you chose to purchase a template or create from scratch, we recommend you utilize Apple Numbers. This application is only available on Macintosh computers. This spreadsheet application is easy to use and intuitive in creating polished commercial invoices. If you downloaded a template, don't fret, you can access it and make customization through Numbers.

4. Provide Necessary Details

Generally, commercial invoices include details about the buyer and the seller, the date and terms of the sale or shipping, description of the product, invoice number, invoice date, order number, and other charges, if there are any. Make sure that you've provided generous space for the details. If you didn't download a template, try to look for ideas on the format of your commercial invoice so that you'll be able to fabricate an effective layout.

5. Print Two Copies Of The Commercial Invoice

Make sure to go through your commercial invoice again and check the details if there are no mistakes. If you believe that there are no more mistakes, print the final product. Print two copies of it so that you can give a copy to your buyer and a copy for your inventory.

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