What Is a Travel Invoice?

It may seem similar, but an invoice is a different document from receipt. Many people get confused with an invoice and a cash receipt because they contain itemized goods or services with corresponding prices. The difference between invoice from receipt is businesses give an invoice with agreed terms of payments, unlike sales receipts which a seller provides right after the purchase. Moreover, the significant difference of an invoice to a receipt is it has a time frame when will the payment be paid.

How to Make a Travel Invoice in Google Sheets

Aside from a cleaner interface, many use Google Sheets for several reasons. One of the various reasons is the ability of the spreadsheet software to share through emails. Since Google develops it, you can only access the application if you have a Google account. In this way, users can easily share documents with clicks away. Over the years, Google Sheets is a more refined tool today. Users can now edit several types of documents using the application that include spreadsheet documents, receipts, flyers, brochures, and invoices as well. The advantage of using Google Sheets in making your travel invoice is it provides users quick formulas that are essential for your invoice. Making your travel invoice may seem daunting, but it's so straightforward with the help of Google Sheets. Thus we made a list that will guide you make a travel invoice. Make sure to stick with our checklist and create a useful travel invoice, whether for your business or personal use.

1. Make a Checklist of the Things You Will Need

Before going to the actual travel invoice, let's begin with a checklist. Your list will include to-do things and materials that are necessary for the completion of your invoice. You will need Google Sheets, invoice details, information, and high-quality paper to print on. It doesn't take so much in making a travel invoice. Now that you have all you need let's proceed to the next step.

2. Launch Google Sheets on Your Browser or Application

Your next move is to open Google Sheets in your browser or on your desktop. Make sure that you have a Google account so you can access Google Sheets. A Google Sheets application will work the same. Pick which one will work the best for you.

3. Draw a Draft for the Travel Invoice

Set aside the Google Sheets for later use. Let's start making a draft for the travel invoice. The goal in making the draft is to make a temporary outline of how the invoice looks like. This draft will be a visual representation of the simple invoice. By this time, create the format, spacing, and content. Make everything fit right in. An invoice contains a header, company information, date, invoice number, unique modifier, lists of goods or services, terms, itemized fees, the total amount due, and add ons if there's any. Once done, secure the draft to use for the next step.

4. Download a Travel Invoice Template; Start Working on the Template

Get a travel invoice template to make your task more convenient. The template will save you some time. It also has a suggestive content that you can modify. When you have settled a template, start working on it. Let's go back to your draft. Refer to your draft as you modify the template. The draft of your invoice is the closest copy of your actual travel invoice, so stick to it as much as possible.

5. Make a Run Through; Proofread Travel Invoice

Finish your travel invoice, then make a run-through. Look for misspelled words and incorrect information. Proofreading your invoice will make your invoice looks professional.

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