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How to Create Ready-Made IT/Software ID Card Templates in Google Docs?

At its most basic function, ID cards verify the identity of its holder. Apart from the holder’s name, it also usually includes other information like address and phone number. ID cards also assist with security activities as it can act as an entry pass for offices or buildings. Thus, we have outlined some steps for you to make one in Google Docs instantly. Read more to know:

1. Choose A Size and Shape

When you start making the card in Docs, foremost, choose a standard size called CR80, which is approximately the size of a credit card (2.125" by 3.375"). You can, of course, choose to customize your ID card's size to suit your preferences. You can even choose the thickness of your ID card. Set the size and start working.

2. Select An Overall Theme

For this part, you can choose a color palette that is in line with your company colors. You can also stick to a theme that is modern and professional. However, be sure to pick colors that represent your company. Your design must go along with the colors you choose. You can refer to a sample online to help you get some ideas for your office ID.

3. Use Images

The next step is to add the graphics. You need to make sure that the size of the employee's photo should go well with the ID card's background. You can include your company logo. In all, the elements within the ID card should be in harmony with each other.

4. Insert Texts

An ID card would not be complete without its texts. You should now write the employee name along with other pertinent information like address and contact information. You can also include at the back of the card some terms and conditions on how to use the ID card.

5. Print or Download Your ID Card

Once all the details are added, review the work and print the card. Make sure that it no longer has errors, no blank spaces, and that everything is true and correct. Choose thick paper or card material for printing it.

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