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How to Make an IT and Software Invoice in Apple (MAC) Pages?

InvoiceBerry reminds us that the faster you invoice, the faster you get paid. So, it is fitting and proper that by now, you must know how to create your business invoice. Sure, there are a lot of invoicing applications or billing software out there, such as Zoho, Xero, and Bitrix24, but it is still best if you customize your invoice. It allows you to freely include the branding of your company. Here are some tips that will help you get the job done efficiently.

1. Launch and Include Business Details

Similar to your receipt or quotation, you must include your business details in your invoice, for example, company logo, name, business address, contact number, website, and email address. Launch the Pages processor, select a blank document, and proceed. Add the business and client details in different paragraphs and draw a table using the 'Table' tool at 5the top of the screen. The table must contain sufficient columns and rows that can hold the unit and composite details of each product or service sold. By including this information, you are marketing your brand not just to your current customers but to their networks as well.

2. Work on the Presentability and Format

Make your invoice not only professional but also presentable by working on its format. The top section of your document must include your business information, the middle should reflect the transaction details, and the bottom should contain additional information, such as VAT amount and payment terms.

3. Check for Computational Errors

Although most of the invoices are done electronically, there are times when incorrect numbers are being inputted. Hence, you must check the document if there are any errors, especially in the prices, before sending it to the client.

4. Choose a Minimalist Design

You are not making an invitation or a card; you are creating a professional, formal document—an invoice—which requires a minimalist design. Indeed, less is more when it comes to designing business documents. If you are not sure whether or not you are overcrowding your invoice, you can create a sample and then check if there are enough white spaces that balance the elements in the document.

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