Quotations provide every client with a chance to prepare for the cost of a specific job order. Businesses such as IT and Software companies issue these documents whenever a customer asks for a custom job. Aside from giving clients a chance to prepare, quotations also help you gain the trust and confidence of your clients. And if you want to offer those benefits to them, then why not make a comprehensive quotation. Use our expertly-crafted IT and Software Quotation Templates in Apple Pages that are 100% customizable. Establishing a good rapport with your clients has never been this easy. So why wait? Grab these premium templates now!

How to Create an IT and Software Quotation in Apple Pages?

Giving quotations helps build an excellent reputation for your business. According to Smallbusiness, "good rapport with potential customers can help ease the negotiation process." And, here are some tips on how you can create an IT and software quotation using Apple Pages.

1. Structure It Evenly

An even structure helps you write every detail and information on your quotation more efficiently. Aside from that, it also helps your clients understand and make a purchase decision more quickly.

2. Disclose Every Detail

Trust is the most valuable currency for clients and business owners alike. So, when writing a quotation, make sure that there is proper documentation with every detail of the job service without omissions. These details include the materials and labor, as well as their costs.

3. Justify Every Cost

Explaining why the job costs the way it does is essential in building a good relationship with your clients. Since you're in the IT or software industry, helping your client understand the cost of software development also helps them understand the process and create decisions that are needed.

4. Ask For Your Client's Confirmation

There are a few matters to go through before pushing through with a software project that your client ordered. You have to make sure that they agree with the pricing, and the specifics of the project first. This not only saves time and money but you also ensure that your client gets precisely what they want.

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