Presenting a professional certificate is perfect to show appreciation for a young learner’s achievements. That’s why we’ve prepared our easily editable Kindergarten Certificate Templates to help you create printable awards. Use our content to quickly create certificates for class participation, summer school, graduation diplomas, attendance recognition, and more. Plus, our samples are compatible with various applications, like Adobe Illustrator and Mac Pages. Download now while you can—design preschool awards with our original templates!

How to Make a Kindergarten Certificate

People create and hand out certificates for officially recognizing someone’s achievements (as a webpage from Merriam-Webster explains). And so, certificates are excellent for commemorating a kindergartener’s achievements, whether it’s for an English course achievement or summer school completion.

Are you wondering how to make a custom kindergarten certificate? If so, then allow us to help you out with our tips just below.

1. Define the Design Space for Your Kindergarten Certificate

Presentation is imperative in an award certificate. To achieve this, start by giving your design an appropriate size and shape. For a standard certificate size, you can opt for 8.5 x 11 inches in a landscape layout orientation (portrait orientation is also viable). If you prefer a considerably larger size, go for 11 x 17 inches instead. Additionally, create a small bleed area to avoid printing errors.

2. Apply Appealing Visuals to Your Kindergarten Certificate

Besides the document’s size, visual design is also key for a professionally appealing certificate. However, your imagery, border, and background should also be thematically appropriate for a preschool award. Use stars, balloons, nature, and other suitable design ideas, incorporating them in vector-style graphics.

3. Spruce up Your Kindergarten Certificate’s Text

Typography is another essential aspect of designing your junior award. When deciding on how to approach the font, pick one style and several colors that complement the award design’s overall aesthetics. Use different colors and sizes to emphasize key details—awardee’s name, certificate title, etc.

4. Create Written Content in Your Kindergarten Certificate

In a school certificate design, there’s a universal text format for writing down information. At the top, enter the institution’s full name followed by the certificate’s title right below. Next, write the student’s name, statement of recognition, and reason for the award. Then, include the exact date of awarding the certificate to the student. Finally, remember to insert the institution’s logo into one of the certificate’s corners.

And those are all our tips! Make fun and professional kindergarten certificates to recognize achievement, completion, participation, and more!

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