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How To Create A Recommendation Letter in Apple Pages?

A Recommendation letter is a reference letter written by a person who assesses the qualities and characteristics of a specific person for a particular job or institution. Here are recommendation letter guidelines that you can follow in creating your letter.

1. Know your Nominee

You can choose to write or not to write a recommendation letter for someone. In cases where you know the person who wants your recommendation for a job, you have to be keen about assessing the qualification of that person if he/she is really committed to getting the job. You also have to talk to them if you want to endorse someone either for employment purposes or a college scholarship at a university. Try to ask about how are they as an employee in their past job or a student in their previous school.

2. Indicate your Status

The purpose of stating your name and status on a recommendation letter is for an Institution or company to know who referred the person. Indicating this information would make your letter more credible because you, serve as a character reference for the person you recommended. If the person you recommend does not comply with the said qualifications for job employment or students admission, you are somewhat accountable for it.

3. Emphasize Positive Qualification

In recommending a person for a job or a university, you have to emphasize all the positive characteristics of that person and showcase how productive that person is in terms of his/her job or on his/her studies. You can request or ask the person you want to refer if what skills, strength, and accomplishment do they have to add on his/her qualification that would land him/her a job or a spot in an educational institution.

4. Indicate the Recipient

The writer of the recommendation letter should also indicate the Recipient or the one he/she is recommending the letter. You can put the recipient's name under your name, that would imply a friendly tone that the writer of the letter has respect and it gives out a meaning onto which the recommended person he/she is recommending is serious in having the job opportunity. It is also a way of telling the company or school that you have properly assessed the person and it is qualified for the opportunity that they are giving.

5. Closing Statement

Your closing should state what do you think about the person that you have recommended and why did you recommend that person. You can also give an honest opinion to what your relationship is and how that person would benefit a company or why is that student is recommended to be part of the educational institution. Finish your recommendation letter by writing your contact information and email address. Let the letter recipient know that they can freely contact and have an appointment with you regarding your recommendation letter.

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