One of the most pinching challenges of businesses is collecting past due invoices of customers who do not pay on time. The only time those payables receive attention is after getting a notice from the company. Conserve your time, effort, and energy in pursuing them by utilizing our Ready-Made Reminder Letter Templates. Take action now or never. Make your reminder letter from our well-written letter templates that you can download for free! These are fully customizable in Apple Pages. Select from our wide range of letter templates below and get affirmations from your customers now!

How To Create A Reminder Letter in Pages

A reminder letter is a document sent by service provider companies to inform their customers regarding their account status. It serves as a notification about a due payment or an overdue invoice, an upcoming meeting or event, and other notices that necessitates action from the customer.

Create a reminder letter using Apple pages to ensure that your invoice reminder template and other letter templates are securely stored while making your letter because Apple pages save all changes you make automatically into your drive. Pause anytime with no worries and be confident in composing one because Apple pages got the right tools you need to make your reminder letter. Start writing one now by following these guide steps below:

1. Check your Calendar

Your calendar is the indicator of your to-do activities for the day. It contains the list of your pending and current tasks and upcoming events. Check your remind-me corner to know if you have people to notify for an approaching due date or activity. This way, you may tap the people involved so they may take note of it as well.

2. Identify the Details of the Involved

Review the record of the agreement between your company and your customers. Know what are the things you have to remind them. Alongside this, collect details such as the customers' names, addresses, and the schedule of their appointments. You’re ready to proceed to compose the letter once you’ve gathered everything.

3. Rough draft your Letter

Open a blank document in Apple pages. Compose your heading, inside address, salutation, and complimentary close based on the details that you have accumulated from step number two. The heading shall contain your company details, such as the company's letterhead, for your customer to know who the sender of the letter is. Inform your customer further about what the subject is all about by including a subject line. It is applicable, especially if you are sending it as an email. State that this is a reminder letter for a specific reason. Greet your customers in the salutation and then compose the body of the letter in a friendly manner because it is the most critical part. Establish a relationship with your customers while reminding them about the purpose. Do not be too aggressive as if you are scolding them, especially if you are implying to them to pay their due bills, etc. Use a polite tone in your letter, so you don’t appear condemning to them. Put your name in the complimentary close to signify that you are the employee of the company following the customer up. To escape the hassle in rough drafting your letter, download a reminder letter template from us. Choose a template according to your reason for doing so above.

4. Print after Polishing

You are about to finish your work! All that's left is to check for possible errors. All the details in your letter are important, so polish it and then save your file in the Apple pages format. You may then produce this printable letter. All done! Get all kinds of letter templates here at

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