Write an effective appeal and get to draft a solicitation letter for a job application, holiday leave, donation sponsorship, or even to approach a company or business colleague for a specific inquiry. Choose from one of our wide recommendation of premium templates that are ready-made and free to download for your convenience. All of our design templates are easy-editable for your use and 100% customizable in all versions of Apple Pages. The request letter templates are all designed with a professional look and high-quality content, including neat layouts and standard placeholder text. Print-ready and available in A4 and US letter sizes. Download now and write those letters with less hassle!

How to Create Request Letters in Apple Pages

Whether you’re trying to obtain permission for a service or inquiring about a transaction reference from the bank, Apple Pages and our Ready-made Request Letter Templates can make the task quick and easy to do! Read through our guide below to find out more.

1. It’s Easier and Cheaper with Apple Pages

As your choice of composing and editing software for text documents on your macOS computer, Apple Pages gives an effective set of tools and accessories that are sure to make writing your request or solicitation letter less troublesome. With its sleek and simple design for the interface, you won’t have to feel confused nor intimidated as you navigate through the app. And if you need to work on the go while eating out for lunch or waiting for your tardy date to finally show up, Apple even has you covered with Pages being available to install onto your favorite mobile iOS device! If you don’t have access to use Pages yet, just head over to Apple’s online app store to get your hands on it.

Not convinced of Pages’ ability to deliver the level of convenience and quality that you’re looking for? Are you worried about throwing away your money because of purchasing or registering to an app that doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would? Well, you can try out Pages for yourself without worry because it comes free to download and use! With that, you’ll instantly see just how capable Pages is with only a bit of poking around in the program after you get it on your computer or device. So, all you’re really spending for Pages is your attention!

2. Pick a Suitable Design for Your Letter

After seeing how capable Apple Pages is in fulfilling your needs to put together a request letter, you should now get to perusing our professional library of Ready-made Request Letter Templates to find a design template that’s right for the job. From requesting that a student transfers to a different school or making a recommendation for someone to fill in a job position, you can definitely find a template that you can use!

3. Download Your Desired Template

Once you’ve set your sights on a design template for your letter, just download it to your chosen computer or device, which is easy enough to do. On the catalog page of our request letter templates, click on the respective thumbnail and it should open a new tab in your browser. Head to the new browser tab and simply click on the provided download link to save your new template file.

4. Get to Writing

Now it’s time to compose your printable letter! Since our templates already come with premade dialog and graphic designs, all you really need to do to get your letter ready for mailing is to fill in the placeholder fields with the necessary information. However, if you want/need to, Pages also gives you the ability to add clipart to your letter.

5. Save Your Changes

Don’t forget to save your edit, and your letter is good to go. Save time in writing your letters with our Ready-made Request Letter Templates!

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