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How to Create a Logo Using InDesign

A logo is a symbol or icon that represents a product, school, company, and other establishments. The role of your logo in your business includes marketing and advertising. Your target audience will most likely recognize your company through your logos. That is why you need to create business logos uniquely and reflects a part of your business branding. If you are looking for ideas on how to make your logo, here are a few tips for you.

1. Know Your Business

Get to know your field of expertise. In the business industry, there is a tight competition among other companies. You need to know your business to plan the perfect marketing strategy for your company. The logo of your business is part of your marketing plan, as well as your branding. Your logo will represent your company in making your business known to your target audiences.

2. Decide on a Type of Logo

Logos can come in different styles and sizes. Sometimes, logos can be an entire text, a vector design, or a combination. You can have your logos to appear elegant with fancy layout, or you can have it simple as just a text with minimal design. Your logos could appear on your banners, business cards, or any advertising material. Decide a type that suits your business best so you can proceed to design it.

3. Design the logo

In designing a logo, you need to be crucial in the color schemes and graphics you will be using. This logo should contain graphic designs that have relevance to your business. It is better to apply colors that are part of your branding. Animated graphics are usual in making logos. Make sure to create your logos with a clear message for your audiences.

There are printable logo templates available online that you can freely use. You will have an easy and quick process of customizing the templates since it already has pre-formatted graphic designs. These marketing templates come in different shapes, styles, and sizes—a simple circle, a badge, floral round borders, and many more. The logo templates are also editable in any device you have. Just choose one that suits you the bests, and you can start editing it.

4. Customize with Adobe InDesign

Launch your Adobe InDesign application to begin customizing your initial logo designs. The editing program is easy to use with its various tools that you can use in any way. If you have decided to use ready-made templates, especially Adobe InDesign templates, then you can easily open the document in the software for editing. You can start modifying the logo template with its borders and texts. After you have finalized the logo, you can now save it for sample printing.

5. Print and Get Recognized

Get your logo printed on high-quality paper to make it look more professional and presentable. You can submit your final logo designs to get accredited and copyrighted to avoid any problems in the future. This accreditation will give you the right of ownership to the logo, and can officially use it for your marketing materials such as flyer or brochures materials. You can now freely use your business logos in any way you want it!

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