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If you are looking to make a proposal you can use for your business, school, or organization, then choose from our wide variety of proposal templates you can download for free. Available in A4 and US letter sizes with bleed. Our files are 100% customizable and easily editable for your convenience. Get to create an effective and well-formatted proposal detailing plans and necessary actions to achieve a goal that is sure to get approved. They make use of professionally designed content to create high-quality business proposals, construction proposals, training proposals, student research proposals, non-profit proposals, and others. Printable, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing in all versions of Adobe Indesign. 

How to Create a Proposal in InDesign

Learning to write a proposal is an essential skill. You may be asked to craft a research or thesis proposal, project proposal, event proposal, business proposal, etc. If you are in the business or marketing field, a proposal is the foundation of any business deal. Knowing the competition is so high, you need to ensure that your business proposal will stand out. Thus, creating a captivating and winning proposal is a must to attain a successful business venture ahead. 

1. Know your Target Audience 

Planning must be done first before you start writing your proposal. Along with it, you need to know your target audience. Think about the things they already know about your subject and what other important matters they need to know more. In this way, you will be able to focus on your ideas and deliver them effectively. Consider these questions: What are the benefits your audience will get from your outlined proposal? What do you want to offer your readers to convince them to make deals with you? 

2. Understand the Audience's Problem

Your goal is to present a solution to a client's problem. Make that issue as the main point of your business proposal. Provide ways that will remove that burden. How will this remedy solve the client's concern? Will it make their job more convenient? Will it save time and money? Present evidence and elaborate it in your proposal to back up your claims. Setting and understanding your client's problem will help you convince them that you are the right person to handle it. 

3. Use Positive, Simple, and Engaging Words

You may already assume that business proposals are boring documents, although they present essential matters. Well, you're right. But let's have it this way, how will you make it stand out among the others? It's all about what and how well you use words. In your budget proposal, look for words that spark interest, and incorporate them into your proposal. Use a positive tone of voice in your writing. It will enable you to build a connection with your client. Stick to what you need to convey; let them stay on your page by keeping it simple and clear.

4. Incorporate Appropriate Design Elements

Though there's no need to go overboard with design elements, a well-designed branding proposal template with colored headers and subheaders will make it more persuasive. In your branding proposal, make sure that your format contains customized design elements. It will make your proposal unique. Feel free to incorporate charts and graphs if it supports your data, 

An article suggests a few general design guidelines for a professional and clean proposal: Use 10-12 pt fonts for the content body, 12-14 pt fonts for subheadings, bold each subheading, use subtitles for each page, stick with preferred font styles Verdana and Helvetica, and keep paragraphs and sentences short

5. Download an Editable Proposal Template

Opt to download your desired proposal template online. Feel free to check samples on this website. Pick what fits your needs. Is it a sponsorship proposal, outline proposal, or marketing proposal? Once you have chosen one, open and customize it using InDesign.