Get to publish your own magazine containing journals, catalogs, and art that you can use for your company, school, or organization. Choose from our wide variety of professional magazine templates that you can download for free. These files are ready-made and 100% customizable for your convenience. Premade with placeholder content that's easy-editable in all versions of Adobe InDesign. Available in (US) 8.5x11 inches with bleed. Download the templates instantly anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Whether it’s for publishing a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly magazine, create stunning magazine covers including weddings, fitness, kitchen, travel, fashion, sports, photography, and food magazines. Download now and report all the modern trends to your readers with an eye-catching magazine!

How to Make a Magazine in InDesign

Magazines are great for building one's brand and for introducing people to products and/or services that they could potentially purchase. Are you trying to decide on an editing program to use in putting together your own magazine? Searching for templates to use for designing both the inside and outside of your booklet/brochure? You won’t go wrong with Adobe InDesign and our catalog of Ready-made Magazine Templates!

1. The Perfect Tool for Any Reading Material

As an impressive work of software from Adobe, InDesign is a perfect match for assembling your magazine or booklet. This program is specifically made for editing and composing publicized reading material of all kinds: brochures, newspapers, flyers, books, etc. So, with InDesign, you’re sure to have all the necessary tools you’ll ever need (and more) to edit any of our many magazine templates. To get your hands on an installation of InDesign, pay a visit to Adobe’s online store to find it. Once you’re there, you can take your pick from the different monthly subscription plans that they have available for InDesign.

Not convinced of InDesign’s capabilities? If that’s the case, then you can simply try out Adobe’s free trial offer to see what InDesign can do for you before having to commit to a subscription. The trial lasts for a whole week and requires no need for a credit card, letting you work on our templates without having to pay at all yet! Nice!

2. A Beautiful Template for a Beautiful Vision

Once you’ve got Adobe InDesign installed and ready to go, up next is to peruse our wide array of Ready-made Magazine Templates and pick whatever you need to use for your creativity. We guarantee that you’ll find sets of cover and page templates that are definitely worthy of your bold and artistic imagination! Be it something on the front to showcase the latest Android phone or a section of content for a special seasonal menu from the classiest restaurant in town, you’re bound to find designs that’ll click with you!

3. Download a Template or Two. Or Three!

Have any of our beautifully-designed magazine templates spoken to you? Download however many you need by first clicking on their respective thumbnail in our gallery to open their own respective pages in separate browser tabs. In each new tab, there’s a provided download link; click said link to save a template file to your computer. On each template’s page, you can also view some preview images to your left side and read about the file’s details to your right.

4. Edit to Impress!

With Adobe InDesign installed and your template(s) downloaded, you can now let inspiration bring your ideas to form! Since our templates already come with plenty of gorgeous placeholder content, getting started won’t be an issue.

When writing the dialog, be sure to be endearing and concise; use styles and colors for your font that compliment the overall look of your magazine cover and pages. Utilize good color theory for an eye-catching palette and organize the text in an interesting yet efficient way of guiding the reader’s eyes. Don’t forget to add whatever clipart/imagery you need for your content and to professionally arrange the layout with it!

5. Ready to Publish

After letting your creativity do its thing, remember to save all that hard work, and your material is ready for its audience. Give the world a read to remember with Adobe InDesign and our Ready-made Magazine Templates!

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