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How to Make Notebook Journals in InDesign?

There are no right or wrong ways of journaling. Journaling is a personal thing. They say that journaling reduces stress and boosts your mood. So, if you are in the state for making your notebook journal for any reason, you can achieve that with your dedication. Lift your spirits high with these simple steps into making notebook journals:

1. Know Your Journal's Purpose

Journalling is a general concept. There are a lot of ways to start. Some people write in their journals about their daily schedules. They will share all the things that they will do daily. This way will keep them a track of the things that they should do on a specific day. To add, some people journal so that they can express their sentiments to get off their repressed emotions. Also, some people keep their memories in a journal to make them last longer. The mentioned examples are just a few things that people do with a journal. So what's yours?

2. Design Your Notebook Journal

Awaken your inner artist in designing your journals. Journals should not be too plain or boring — some people like it with lots of art. Every journal entry is different. So, when you decide on a design, you have the liberty to do it. Some people will cut out pictures from magazines and paste them in their notebook journals to add decorations. If you prefer to make your journals through an application, go and download a notebook journal in this site. We have a lot of different notebook journal templates that you can choose from and edit in InDesign. Our templates have different themes and designs, so you will always have artistic notebook journals.

3. Decide on How To Fill Your Journal

Once you have your designs, you can start filling your notebook journal. Decide on how you will write in your notebook. In the mood of writing all your emotions in a string of a long explanation? Write in paragraphs. You can also make a bullet journal and list down your plans for your college education, write down all ideas for your dream business, or scribble down your bucket list. You can make your journal as your daily, weekly, or monthly schedules or planners templates so that there will always be a reminder for your projects and plans.

4. Revisit and Fill Your Journal from Time to Time

If you are a busy person, sometimes it's easy to overlook and forget about your journal. But, to make your journal a success, always give time to visit it. If you can't fill your journal every day, you can make a schedule as to when you can fill your journal. You can also make your journal as your sample checklists for the things that you need to do. You can always fill your journal with pictures and details about your travel to a place you've been to.

5. Don't Limit Yourself

With making any notebook journal, don't limit yourself. Always try to find new ways of filling, recording your experiences, and sharing your daily or weekly schedule or plans. It is still wonderful to enjoy and have yourself a time of peace while you are writing and designing your notebook journal.

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