What Is a Catalog?

With the numerous methods of marketing nowadays, the industry has become very competitive than it has ever been. In order to stay ahead of the competition, some take actions that allow them to directly advertise to their intended target audience. One of the best examples of such an act is the distribution of catalogs. Different businesses produce their own unique ones in the hopes of bringing in more customers and clients. They usually distribute their catalogs in public places where a large amount of their intended target audience is located. It has been proven that using a catalog as a marketing agent helps in raising sales and profit. Thus, one shouldn't consider it as an expense but rather as an investment.

How to Make a Catalog

As the saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat. Thus, there are just as many ways to make a product catalog. To start your printable catalog, you must know what it is that you need to prepare. This includes the information that the catalog should display and the number of copies that you need to be produced. When you already have an arsenal of the essentials needed to make a catalog, then you are ready. Here's a list of steps to follow in creating a product catalog in Adobe InDesign. Make sure that you stick to the list.

1. Gather the Pieces of Information You'll Use for the Content

You'll notice that the majority of modern catalogs will always display information about the company and a series of pictures and descriptions that showcase what it has to offer. Start by focusing on what image to use. The images you decide to go with must visually appeal to your costumers since your goal is to entice them into buying your products and/or services. Make sure that the photos will represent the product as to how it looks like in reality. Second, prepare the description of the product or service. Write a brief yet complete description that talks about either in detail. Then, include the name of the company and contact details such as telephone number and email. It's also best to include your business logo as it's great for spreading your brand.

2. Produce High-quality Images of the Product

If you're going to be using your own pictures for the catalog, then they must have a high resolution. This is especially important when making product catalogs as they're all about showing off how one's products look. Take note of how each picture should be taken and the orientation of each photo. You won't have to worry too much about rescaling as InDesign allows for you to easily edit it without losing its overall quality.

3. Download a Creative and Reliable Catalog Template

To speed up the creation process, you can download a reliable and printable template specifically designed for making catalogs. Doing so will definitely make things easier and more convenient on your end. Though you can always start making your catalog from scratch, you'll find that it takes more time than if you were using a template. If you're going to download one, then consider grabbing the ones we have available here on our site.

4. Fully Understand What You Need to Promote

If you want your catalog to display information on what it needs to, then it's your job to gather everything it needs. Know exactly what it is that you're supposed to promote and whatever you've gathered that's relevant must be placed into the catalog. This includes detailed product descriptions that point out the problems that can be solved and how, the price of every product, and how one can avail them. Just make sure that everything is easy for the reader to understand and you should have no problems.

5. Make Everything Correct by Proofreading

Finally, your last task is to go over your catalog and look for errors. Take the time in proofreading everything and look for any misspelled words or incorrect information that you may have missed. This also an opportunity for you to check if you're satisfied with the overall layout and design of your catalog before saving your work. Know that well-made catalogs are ones that attract investors so go through yours before printing it out.

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