In need of a letterhead design template that you can use as an advertising and branding tool for your business? Consider your needs fulfilled as we provide you a wide variety of ready-made letterhead templates in Adobe InDesign. These free templates are 100% customizable, so if its contents are not quite enough to meet your design standards and needs, you can still add your own details to the template's premade content that already consists of a well-organized layout, graphic files, as well as standard text details. Print-ready for personal or business printing, these templates are indeed a great deal. Download our ready-made letterhead templates in Adobe InDesign today.

How to Make Letterheads in Adobe InDesign

Letterheads are not only the information companies put on their business letters, on their documents, or on their business cards. Letterheads present their brand and their credibility as businesses. You don't really have to struggle with making your letterheads, but you need to remember to plan carefully. Be ready to create your corporate or simple letterheads with these simple steps:

1. Plan Meticulously

The first step is to meticulously contemplate on how you want your letterheads to look. Don't decide in haste if you want to make an effective representation of your business. Given that there are lots of businesses rising together with yours, you need to compete with them. Make sure that your business letterhead will give a positive impression of your business. This is because letterheads present you as a company. You need to keep it professional, fresh, and modern. Never settle for a mediocre letterhead, but make sure that it will make a statement.

2. Letterhead Logo

Logos are the face of companies. They are for nonverbal communication (symbols) that people encode in their minds. People can recognize your company through your logo. So, make sure that your logo will have a highlighted space on your letterhead. If you don't have logos yet, you can choose from our logo templates.

3. Letterhead Contents

Aside from the logo, a company letterhead contains details about you or your company. You need to include the name of your company. If you are making a personal letterhead, include your full name. Another detail to include is your contact number. Including a contact number on your letterhead will give you an advantage. The advantage is that people can contact you if they want to get in touch with you or your company or firm. Moreover, you also have to include your company address. This way, people can visit your company. To add, you can also include your company email, website, or social media accounts. Given that we are digital now, people will access through an electronic channel and can easily visit your company digitally.

4. Find Letterhead Template

Templates are so useful if you are trying to save time. Forget about making letterhead from scratch when you can download letterhead templates here. We have a lot of easily editable and sample letterhead templates that will fit your taste. Pick the template that you think will perfectly highlight your details. After picking a template, open Adobe InDesign. This has quality features that can help you customize your letterhead template. Furthermore, you can now input all the details on your template.

5. Save Your Template for Future Use

You don't have to start again if you want to send a formal document with your company letterhead. All you have to do is to save your template and edit the document you want. This will save you time and effort. Having letterhead templates around will give you an easier process instead of recreating your letterhead all the time when you need it.

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