Browsing or scanning through calendars is part of a man's daily routine. Calendars give us a comprehensive timeline to track events and important dates. Yearly, we need to change the pages of our calendars to start a new chapter, a new year. If you want to customize your own printable calendar, browse through our collection of high-quality and 100% customizable calendar templates. Plan your year in style and download these beautifully designed and professionally written templates. These files are ready-made and can be downloaded instantly on any device of your choosing. Open your chosen file in all versions of Adobe InDesign where you can add, remove, and modify content and graphic elements to better suit your preferences. Take home a premium calendar template today. 

How to Make a Printable Calendar in InDesign

In order to keep track of time and the changing seasons, humans invented a systematic way of organizing days, weeks, months and years. The calendar came to be, and it became a useful tool in everyday living. There are various kinds of calendars, but only the Chinese, Islamic, and Gregorian calendars are commonly used nowadays. Internationally, the most widely used calendar is the Gregorian calendar, which was introduced last 1582. According to a news article from The Independent, it has determined our number of days since its introduction 436 years ago making it an essential part of our lives.

If you want to make a calendar using your own design skills with Adobe InDesign, check out the steps provided below. We have enumerated a comprehensive list and ideas to guide you through the design process. Calendar designs vary depending on the purpose, they can be made to cater to the needs of companies, schools, establishments, religious organizations, etc.

1. Open InDesign

Set up your InDesign document first, and start familiarizing yourself with the design tools. Locate the units menu and choose the size, pixels and other specifications regarding your blank calendar design. Start with learning the basics and work your way to making a professional design usable as event calendars, social media calendars, school calendars, or business calendars.

2. Start designing your calendar

After the first step, you can now start incorporating different design elements into your blank receipt calendar template. Your aim is to come up with a printable design that's user-friendly and concise. You can also take inspiration or download calendar design templates. By this, you'll know where your design is headed and you'll be guided all throughout the process.

3. Add in the calendar details

The calendar layout should be complete with the days, weeks, and months of the respective year. These data are the main reasons why people keep calendars with them at home or on their mobile devices. Other important details in the calendar include the special and working holidays, the tide and moon phases, and others. If you are working on a calendar design for business or school setting, add in your activities, deadlines, reminders, and other scheduled events or tasks.

4. Recheck the overall layout

If you have finished with the calendar design, make sure that every detail is correct. Review everything, because you might have left out some days and numbers. See to it that every month is accounted for and every date is placed properly. It's also important to seek suggestions from other people about your do-it-yourself (DIY) calendar design. Gather their insights, suggestions, or criticisms and work out on how you would improve things. Accept them with an open mind because that's how professionals work.

5. Save and print

Secure a copy of the finished design and download it through any file format that works best for you. The calendar you made could be printed using high-quality paper stock, just go to a good print shop and let them do the job. Moreover, your copies could also be kept in digital format in high resolution. Save a copy because you might want to revisit it next year.

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