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We’ve all received the traditional award certificate at some point in our lives. Maybe during the time you are still studying in school, for helping your community, joining a formal event, or during a business transaction.

Certificates come in a variety of forms. It may refer to award certificates, legal certificates, training certificates, medical certificate, and many others. But in today’s society it is commonly used as a form of token or proof that recognizes or certifies someone or something. That is why if your business or organization is handing out certificates of any sort, it is important that it is well-made and appealing to the eyes. Because the quality of certificates you give can be perceived as a reflection of the kind of company or organization you are running.

Certificates are also important since they sometimes serves as an official document needed in a transaction, procedure, or requirement that is to be complied.

That is why we are offering a plethora of free certificate templates you can use at different events and occasions. An amazing range of designs from minimalistic to highly embellished that suits your specific needs. Businesses, schools, clinics, or whatever organization you are in, we have all kinds of certificate you need. Choose from academic, business, sports, legal, medical, and awards. Even general certificates like certificate of achievement, appreciation, attendance, participation, volunteer award, science achievement, and many more.

You are even free to enjoy the professionally designed layout and artwork that comes after you download our templates. These are handcrafted to suit the needs of the specific certificate and can be edited or customized in all kinds of formats. These are also print ready and perfectly suitable for personal or send it for commercial printing.

These personalized certificates make a great choice for saving your time and get quality results. With our templates, you can rest assured that you’d be able to make your very own, expertly designed certificate to hand out to.