Knowing your superiors and managers is important in any establishment. When there are issues or concerns, you’ll know who to report to. This is also applicable in a medical setting; doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals should know their respective supervisors. But how will they learn of this hierarchy? Through an organizational chart, of course. Here, we have Medical Organizational Chart Templates in Google Docs to help you get started. These products come with well-designed and easily editable elements to ensure your diagram gets noticed. Start making one right away by subscribing to our website. You can organize your team better with these.

How to Make a Medical Organizational Chart in Google Docs

Every establishment should have an organizational chart. According to Astron Solutions, organizational charts are still relevant despite the fast-paced work environment today. To help you make one for your medical organization, simply refer to the guidelines below.

1. Gather All Necessary Details about the Medical Staff

To make an organizational chart, you should acquaint and familiarize yourself with everyone on the team. Whether it’s a hospital, clinic, or any healthcare setting, start by getting everyone's names and positions. Ask for a record of employees from the human resources department if you don't have a master list yet.

2. Decide on a Type of Organizational Chart

An organizational chart can either be a hierarchy, matrix, or flat type. Before making one, make sure you know the differences between these types, how each one functions, and where it is useful. To learn more about these, refer to the frequently asked questions below.

3. Arrange the Medical Staff According to Position

Depending on your chosen organizational chart type, start arranging the people according to their respective departments. You can refer to the organizational structure to help you in organizing the medical staff.

4. Input the Names of the Staff in Google Docs

By using Google Docs, start adding in the names of the medical staff. For now, don't focus on the arrangement of the staff yet. Remember to make a list of the employees to ensure you don't miss anyone. Afterward, you can move on to adding the graphical elements.

5. Add Shapes and Lines to Illustrate Connections

After adding the names of the staff, you can start adding shapes and lines to the chart. The purpose of these graphical elements is to distinguish each employee or department from others. Also, stick with simple shapes to keep the design formal.

6. Incorporate Visual Enhancements to Your Organizational Chart

And just because we mentioned that your chart should look formal, doesn't mean it should be uninteresting. Add visual enhancements such as color gradients, a background image, or your medical center's logo. Doing this will help bring attention to your organizational chart.

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