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How To Make Notes In Apple Pages?

For a busy individual such as yourself, whether you're a student, secretary, businessman, hospital doctor, or simply an organized person, making use of notes will undoubtedly help you accomplish whatever task, project, or errand you'll be doing. That's the reason why successful people take notes. It helps them to achieve anything they do, no matter how big or small. Some of those people may be familiar to you, such as the likes of Thomas Edison, Time Ferris, George Lucas, and Bill Gates. So if we've grabbed your attention regarding the advantages of using taking notes, might as well read on the tips we've gathered below on how to make note sheets for whatever purpose.

1. Determine The Purpose Of Your Note

You must first determine what purpose your printable note will serve before begin creating it. It'll be your basis on how you're going to structure its layout and flow. For instance, if your note will serve as a reminder for your daily errands and important activities or a record of some of your to-do things, you should structure it into a checklist. If that's your real case, might as well make use of our checklist templates. You may also search online about what kind of note sheets serves best for you. There are Cornell notes, time notes, transfer notes, and many more.

2. Formulate Tables And Charts If Necessary

When it comes to taking notes, it's important to keep them organized and outlined to avoid confusing yourself. The best way to avoid that is to formulate tables and charts on your note sheet. This practice is especially important if your note sheet will be used for your business transactions, such as product delivery, a supply delivery, an order or goods arrival, a vehicle delivery, and other purchase-related negotiations. Such transactions likely require you to jot down quantity and time; there's no better way to organize that will the help of charts and tables. In this case, some of our chart templates might help you.

3. Keep Your Statements Simple And Precise

Notes don't have to be too elaborate, as long as it gives you a direct reminder on what to do or what to expect next. If you don't get the picture, we'll cite a situation for you. In a board meeting, some secretaries of the board members will jot down a very brief summary of what transpired each minute of the meeting using a meeting minutes note. If at 8:01 am, the board members agreed to pursue a deal with another business party, he/she may write in the note: "The board members agreed to pursue the deal." If you notice, the statement is simple, brief, and precise.

4. Attach Your Company Logo (For Professional Uses)

If your note sheet concerns your company's transactions and operations, then it'll be considered as an official document from your company. However, it won't be so if it doesn't showcase your company's logo. For example, if you're a doctor of a high-end clinic or hospital, then your personal notes must have an image of its official logo. Not only that; your patient's doctor excuse letters, doctor's note, and promissory notes should also have a logo as well to solidify their credibility.

5. Open Apple Pages

If you're a proud owner of a Mac PC, Apple Pages should be your first choice in formulating your note sheets. Why? Apple Pages is already available for you instantly and free of charge. No need to spend money on installation. Plus, it has all the tools and features you'll need to structure and formulate your note sheet according to its purpose.

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