Pets have always been known as part of our individual lives, and part of our families. Pets, most especially domestic ones, help out in many social and economic ways. They give us a significant companionship, stress-relieving company, emotional development, protection, and encourage us to have some fun. In exchange for the love they are giving to us, as responsible pet owners, we have to ensure that our animals are treated safely with care, affection, treatment, and proper shelter. Our pets don't only end up with loving care and affection, they also need to earn great recognitions and certifications for them to be qualified with specific things just like humans. Our 100% customizable Pet Certificate Templates in Publisher will help you create an authentic pet certificate that mainly highlights for your pet. Easily editable, high-quality, and professionally made, these certificate templates will help you support the genuine rights of pets. Download now!

How to Create a Pet Certificate in Microsoft Publisher

People love pets mainly for companionship or love. Popular pets, such as dogs and cats, are always known to have desirable looks, intellect, and similar traits, however, some stray animals may well be brought into the household and embraced them on a compassionate basis. As per the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey done by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), there are 67% of United States households, or about 85 million United States families, own a pet. With this huge percentage, people secure their pets to be legitimate at all legal costs with the use of pet certificates.

Typically, pet certificates help your pet to be legally licensed or giving the pet the right to have the benefits. If you wish to give your pet the freedom to have something that also humans have, you can personally create a pet certificate by using Microsoft Publisher. You can read and follow these tips below:

1. Specify the Certificate That You Need

There are many kinds of pet certificates. Just like humans, pets also have different types of certificates such as achievement certificate, naming ceremony certificate, contribution certificate, health safety certificate, and many more. When making your pet's certificate, you must specifically relate the reason why you must present a certificate in the first place. Knowing the reason why the certificate is presented will help you substantially in creating your pet certificate for specific occasions.

2. Elaborate on the Specific Details

Pet certificates provide a pet's legal records, thus, they must carry all of the important information a pet needs to have. Depending on the type of certificate that you are making, the content must be also be related to it. For instance, if you are aiming to make your pet's birth certificate or certificate of pet ownership, you must provide salient information like the pet's name, pet's date of birth, pet's place of birth, height, weight, authorities, and so on.

3. Pick the Suitable Template and Customize It

If you want to make your pet certificate efficiently, use a sample certificate template to make it easier for you. There are available templates that can be found online, so pick the most suitable template that would represent your purpose. Usually, the sample certificate templates are compatible with software applications like Microsoft Publisher and simply pick the template with the convenient file type that you are comfortable to use.

After picking a downloadable template, you can now adjust all of its essential elements such as the logo, color palette, name of the pet and owner, address, signatories, and so on. These creative certificate templates are ready for modifications, so don't hesitate to change any of the contents in the template.

4. Preview the Whole Certificate and Print It Out

Before printing out, make a quick sneak peek of your basic certificate template and ensure to save copies of the file without glaring errors. The normal size for certificates is 8.5 x 11 inches, however, certificates can be printable to any kind of size depending on the certificate's purpose. To have a printed certificate that will certainly stand out, you should also ask someone to review some special printing techniques, such as embossing, or letter pressing.

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