Be it for business ventures, charity work, academic studies, or even personal tasks; it’s important to set up a well-organized plan to maximize the efficiency of completing tasks and accomplishing predetermined goals in a timely fashion. That’s why we’ve assembled a professional list of Ready-Made Project Planners to help you save time and effort! Each template in this collection is easily editable and 100% customizable, coming in a good variety of different graphic designs. These templates are also printable for your convenience, available to download in A4 and US letter sizes; compatible with Apple Pages. Get those projects done in a jiffy with our handy planner templates!

How to Create a Project Planner in Pages

Managing a project can be pretty stressful, especially when your job or grades are on the line. However, with the use of Apple Pages and our versatile selection of plan templates, you can cut down a lot of that stress by assembling a comprehensive planner!

1. Initial Summary

To start, you need to recognize what goals there are to reach in your project. There’s also the matter of managing the required time, resources, budget, and human resources. Plan things out accordingly around constraints and what’s available to you for completing the determined objectives.

If you’re taking on a project by yourself, you need to prioritize what tasks need to be taken care of before moving on to the next part of the itinerary. Otherwise, if with a team, thoughtful distribution of tasks needs to be done; be sure that each member can carry out their assigned workload (and that they can do so on time).

2. Download Your Template

Each of our Ready-Made Project Planner Templates is suitable for any project that you need to do. Every downloadable document has a pleasing yet professional graphic design that you can customize with just a bit of effort. To download a planner template that catches your eye, click on its respective thumbnail, and use the large download button to save it to your storage.

To know more about a template before downloading it, you can zoom in on the preview image on the left side of the page. On the right side, you can read a list of details about the template file (size, format, etc.) click on “More Details” to expand the list.

3. Install Apple Pages

Feel free to skip to the next part if you already have Apple Pages installed on your Mac computer. If not, then you can find Pages at the App Store and download it from there. This nifty bit of software is free to download and is an effective tool for creating your project planner. If you need to work on the go, you can use Pages on your iOS device of choice.

4. Update Your Planner Digitally or by Hand

Since our Ready-Made Project Planner Templates already come with professionally-rendered layouts and designs, you can print them out and continually update them by handwriting. However, with Apple Pages, you can keep a digital copy updated as your project progresses. And, because Pages can be used on your iOS device, you can still edit your project planner in digital format.

Your downloaded project planner template comes with some handy features, such as a task checklist and a schedule calendar. There are even pages for your project’s budget and a summary of key details. Make sure to utilize every section of your planner template to maximize your ability to organize your project.

5. Don’t Forget to Update Your Planner

You need to keep track of the changes and progress of your project, so your planner should be updated accordingly. Doing so will maintain a useful archive of information to read through if need be, along with acting as an effective memo for what still needs getting done.

Complete your projects methodically with Apple Pages and our Ready-Made Project Planner Templates!

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