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How To Create A Cash Receipt in Apple Pages?

A simple cash receipt definition is it is a document issued for the customer to know the record of the total money paid between the transaction. Every business issues an accounted cash receipt, whether it is in an online format or handed personally through a document. Companies also keep a cash receipt journal for timekeeping. So whether you are in the sales or accounting business, it is essential to know the basics of a cash receipt. Coupled with, let us walk you through the steps in creating a cash receipt.

1. List All The Essential Data

To officially start your cash receipt, you need to make a checklist and identify things that will be viable in your cash receipt. Brainstorm for questions that you need to answer like do you need the cash receipt to record in your small receipt book. As well as the payment information, the customer information required to include, and whether to include cash receipt number or not. Also, determine the size and format (electric or paper) of your receipt. If you have finally decided about these factors, then you can start formulating your cash receipt framework.

2. Work With A Cash Receipt Template

In making your task convenient for you to save time and effort, you can make use of the simple cash receipt template that you can find here at With its original and suggestive content, our templates are preformatted to allow you to produce a simple receipt.

3. Start Writing Your Headline

To fully establish that you are responsible for issuing a specific cash receipt, you need to formulate the headline of your receipt with your company information. Our templates let you customize your cash receipt from the start until the end so that you will not issue a blank receipt. It involves your company name, address, contact number, and company logo. If you tend to make a cash receipt in a letter form, you can make use of your company's letterheads as it will brand your cash receipt.

4. Fill Out Necessary Information

Provided that you are running a hotel rent business, your hotel receipt must have all of the service, accommodation, and products that you provide for your customers with its corresponding amount. Numbers are your friends, so make sure that you treat them properly. Input all of its information such as the subtotal, taxes, other charges, and the payment method. Identically, you can insert the cashier and customer's name.

5. Format Your Receipt's Appearance

Now that you determine the content of your receipt, you can now modify its appearance. But remember, you need to fit your receipt with what type of business you are running. For instance, if you are making an accounting sales receipt, you need not insert fancy colors and design elements and remain its minimalistic feature. Different from a simple hotel receipt wherein you can add complementing colors for visual appeal. Also, you need to decide the size preference of your receipt and whether to send it online or through personal interaction.

6. Issue Receipts

Now that you have gone through a lot in making your cash receipt, you can finally issue it. Together with an invoice, your customers can now start receiving a receipt from you.

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