What Templates Can Help in Making Research Proposals in Pages?

Research in all fields of study and practice have been proven to be extremely helpful. Whether it is for business, science, academics, or marketing, it always shows and sheds light on some facts that are not known and require improvement or action. Before starting for this scientific study, getting approval or grant of all the crucial material or resources is essential. To get that, a properly planned and made proposal is essential. If you are making that in Apple Pages, think of a specific topic and proper title, open a new file and add the title on the top of the page. Add date and time of submission, start with abstract or introduction, research questions, background, objectives, and purpose, the significance of the study, methodologies, research tools, literature review, study design and management, timeframe, conclusion, references, and bibliography. Or instead of doing all these alone, have a look at our ready-made collection of research proposals in Apple Pages. The collection includes different sorts of proposal templates for different research topics. Have a look at some of the samples added below:

  • Marketing Research Proposal Templates.

  • Nursing Research Proposal Templates.

  • Research Project Proposal Templates.

  • One Page Research Proposal Templates.

  • Research Proposal Flowchart Templates.

  • Market Research Proposal Templates.

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