How to Make a Restaurant Receipt in Numbers

In 2015, the restaurant industry (drinks and food sales) stretched to 745.61 billion dollars in the US. Speaking of numbers, every transaction that deals with money with a customer in the restaurant needs proof. This means you have to issue receipts to your customers. So, if you're new to the industry or just want to create new receipts for your restaurant, you're on the right spot. Check out the steps below:

1. Brand the Receipt

Input your company's information. You can place them at the top or at the bottom of the receipt, depending on your format. This will be an identification that the document came from your restaurant. Include your company name, logo, and contact number.

2. Provide the Customer Information

You may include the information of your customer on the document. You can write the name of the customer and contact number on the sales receipt or cash receipt. This will help you identify who you have made transactions with.

3. Identify the Method of Payment

On the third tip, it would be best to specify how your customer paid on your simple receipt. Is it through cash, debit card, credit card, check, and other modes or methods?

4. List the Paid Transaction

You should keep notes of the transaction you had with the customer. Make sure to list the orders the customer did. Aside from listing them all, make sure to add the price of each order. Don't forget to add the quantity of each order.

5. Present the other Charges and the Grand Total

Before you present the grand total on the document, don't forget to include other charges the customer had before you do the math for the total. Include details like taxes, delivery charges, or discounts. Make sure that you calculate correctly. This way, the customer will not question you why he or she should pay a specific amount. Also, in presenting the grand total, make sure that the customer can easily find it. You can have the number in boldface for that.

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