Resumes are required for us to start our careers in life. In all honesty, it can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. It is because we realize that making a resume to use when applying for a job can be tasking and time-consuming. That is why we designed these premium professional resume templates to help you make one fast and easy. These files are ready-made and perfect for highlighting your skills, professional work experience, education, and qualifications. Our resumes fit experience professions such a teacher, an engineer, an administrative assistant, a fashion designer, a marketing analyst, and every experienced individual out there with a particular job can also be of use to our resumes. They are also easy to use in all versions of Publisher. Printable and can be shared digitally. Available in A4 and US print sizes. Download now for free!

How To Create A Professional Resume In Publisher

It is your goal to write your sample resume as professionally and formally as possible. It should also be simple and has to be at least a one-page resume in retrospect. Because statistics show that only 17% of the hiring managers in a company would stop reading your resume if it made two pages. You wouldn’t want to be a flash in the pan when your manager shrugs off your resume showing no interest, right? Let us show some useful tips on making your professional resume eye-catching and attentive for your manager to be in awe.

1. Have The Proper Resume Format

When proceeding in making your creative resume, you must know the type of resume needed as you apply for a job. Resumes have three types: Reverse Chronological, Functional, and Combination. Each resume differs from one another because they are of different types and agendas. Be sure to study the kind of resume format you want. Because each job description fits that type of resume, and you wouldn’t want to scramble that up to confuse your manager or make them doubt you upon employment.

2. Apply Simplicity To Your Resume

We all want a simple resume that would be easily understood and straightforward. Your employers will know as they read your resume and see that you are serious about taking the job position they are offering to you. It is best to keep your resume simple and not anything unnecessary which may bore your manager. They don’t want anything that may not be of use to their company, so keep that in mind.

3. Always Be Truthful

Never lie in your experience resume. Always be honest. You don’t want terrible things to happen to you. Lying in your resume in front of your employer is career suicide. If they catch you once they get a clear background check of who you are, then you’re on your own.

4. Finalize Your Resume

When you feel like you have finished your resume, time to recheck it. Prepare an application letter if required because some employees would want to know you more in writing as a personal note. Have your files printed, and proofread everything. You want to avoid having any errors in what you placed on your resume. Some employers can be perfectionists which can be a bit of a pain. Always note this when finalizing everything.

5. Do Your Best

Once you have your clean and elegant resume ready with all the other documents, it’s finally time to give it your very best on the day of applying. The rest is up to you now. You take action and ensure your future and destiny. Always be at your best and never give up! We hope you get hired in the com and good luck!

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