Sales Mind Map Templates Ppt

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What Is a Sales Mind Map?

The sales mind map is a graphical way to organize your sales strategy and helps you generate ideas. As stated by Jenn Lisak from Mindjet, Sixty-five percent of the general population are visual learners. That is why mind mapping is crucial to sales and marketing professionals as they will quickly learn how to create a strategic sales approach. This document helps them identify gaps and provides them with a path towards their goals. 

How to Create a Sales Mind Map In PowerPoint? 

Creating a sales mind map through Microsoft PowerPoint is somehow challenging for someone who is not familiar with such a program. For this reason, we have prepared a few tips to give you guidelines and insights on how to make a sales mind map. 

1.  Know Your Sales Goals

Before drafting your sales mind map, It is best that you know your sales goals for you to have a roadmap when conceptualizing your sales mind map. 

2. Gather Information

Conduct an operational meeting with your senior management or your colleagues. This is essential so that you can gather the information about your sales target, sales leads, and other similar sales aspects. 

3. Draft Sales Mind Map in Microsoft PowerPoint

- Open your PowerPoint and enter new slide
- Enable drawing toolbar
- Customize shapes according to your preference
- Edit text option in shapes
- Color every shapes
- For a lot easier, download our Sales Mind Map Template and make a few edits only. 

4. Review Your Sales Mind Map

Once you completed your sales mind map, you need to review each section and ask your colleagues to make an assessment too. In this way, both of you can determine if your template is well designed and detailed. 

5. Print Your Sales Mind Map

One of the techniques to determine the quality of your sales mind map is to print it. Looking at the design of your mind map through your computer monitor makes you feel like everything is perfect. However, there are instances that once you print it, the colors and lines are not the same. This is essential especially when you are about to present your sales mind map and printed copies are required. 


  • 1. How do you create a sales mind map?

      There are various ways to create a mind map. You can create using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, Adobe Photoshop, and many more free programs. 

  • 2. What is the purpose of a sales mind map?

      The main purpose of a mind map is to give you a clear pathway in achieving your certain sales goal. The combination of graphic design and textual content helps you reach your desired outcome without the confusion of unimportant things. 

  • 3. What are the advantages of mind mapping?

      When using Mind Map, you will boost your productivity and increase your creativity. It is an excellent tool when you want to generate ideas, classify information, identify relationships among information, and identify gaps. 

  • 4. Is a mind map necessary for business?

      Yes. Most businesses utilize mind mapping tools for them to make better judgements when it comes to operation management, sales management, and other similar business factors. 

  • 5. Is mind mapping effective?

      Yes. Most successful individuals and businesses used mind mapping throughout their journeys as their primary tool when it comes to decision making.