Nowadays a lot of organizations and companies hire security guards to watch over their offices during the night and even during the daytime. To keep the bodyguards organized they must have something to show that they are an official member of the security team. This is why having it will be helpful to check out our Security ID Card Templates for Adobe Photoshop. With these templates, you can craft a tag for your security guards to go with their uniforms. If you need help in getting started, then check out what we have to offer here in

We have templates to help you make different kinds of ID cards for your security team. These are 100% customizable so you can edit their design in any way that you like. While you can stick to the classic look with a white background, we also have ones that allow you to add the colors associated with your organization as well. You can edit both the front and the back if you choose to. These templates have ready-made sample content which you can use right away or help guide you in making your version in a short time.

After you are done designing the ID card, you can print it out to the right size so it can easily fit in a transparent cardholder. These templates are user-friendly, so you don't have to spend a lot of time making them. Provide your security with the best-looking ID that they'll be proud to wear by downloading our templates now!

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