Provide yourself with an accurate and reliable record of events by getting your hands on a log sheet. Log sheets are used for a variety of things, such as taking note of things that were borrowed, ensuring that employees are all accounted for, or keeping track of your day’s earnings. Like other sheets, our log sheets are fairly simple to create through Google Docs’s user-friendly interface. They’re highly customizable to better fit those templates to your needs.

There are plenty of log sheet templates available in our large gallery of designs to choose from. Whether it’s for logging in daily or weekly sales in your restaurant or keep track of maintenance schedules of a factory, you can always find the right log sheet for anything that you need it for. Our log sheets are professionally designed to perfectly suit your line of business and profession. Keep things, events, and people, all accounted for with our wide variety and assortment of log sheet templates.

So pick a design that suits the purpose that you’ll use the log sheet for. Give it a personal touch to make it uniquely yours. Make use of fonts, colors, and take advantage of the template’s easy-to-customize layout. And, don’t forget to put your company logo and other important details, as well. Portable and very convenient, these templates are yours to keep forever once you’ve downloaded them. And, the same goes for all of our sheet templates, and other categories of templates that we have, as well.

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