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How To Create A Statement Sheet In Apple Numbers?

A statement sheet is used for the financial statement to calculate the income, billing, cash flow, and expenses of a company or business. In other words, it will reflect the business' engagements that involved money. It can be done by the accounting officer daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. So, if you are assigned to make one, make sure that your involvement and concentration is up to its highest. Track your financial progress and make your statement sheet with these steps:

1. Know The Sheet Purpose

One of the fundamentals of a sheet is to know its purpose first. There are a lot of existing statement sheets that you can make. One of those is a balance statement sheet, bank statement sheet, personal statement sheet, balance sheet and income statement sheet, and more. Know its better to produce a plan for your sheet.

2. Download Statement Sheet Templates

If you now know what type of statement sheet you are going to make, you can now download the perfect template for it. Do not look for more as we offer you high-quality, 100% customizable, and premium statement sheet templates that are versatile for any editing. You can browse from our thousands of templates, and we guarantee you that you can find the right template for you. We provide other sheet templates such as monthly sheets, weekly sheets, budget sheet and more. Download it and proceed to the next step.

3. Prepare Your Financial Data

With our templates, you are secured that you can make your sheet in a snap. To help you organize everything, you need first to prepare your data. Start with the net sales of your company as it represents the total sales on time. Then, list the company's operating expenses. These goods consist of the cost of selling and advertising the product, cost of administration, and employee wages. Afterward, you can now make a checklist of the non-operating expenses such as amortization, interest, depreciation, and tax. 

4. Calculate Your Financial Status

With the raw data, you can now calculate your financial status. Of course, it is a staple that you want to make money from your business. So, calculate the gross profit of your business. To calculate it, you need to know the cost of all the materials and labor that went to the production of the product. Then, sum the amount and subtract it from the net sales to have your gross profit and loss statement and proceed.

5. Get Your Sheet Together

With the data and calculation, you can now get things together. Using our statement sheet templates, you can now input your data into its sequential order. First, you need to put the net sales, gross sales, gross income, operating expenses, operating income, other income, extraordinary gain and loss, interest expense, pretax income, taxes and the net income statement. Afterward, you need to input the digit of the corresponding financial label then customize it. Do not worry about its appearance as our template will do the work. Then, you can present it to your administration through printed or online.