"The more entries, the more chances of winning." No one is unfamiliar with this line, I guess. Giving off raffle tickets to the mass is one of the widely used marketing strategies nowadays. If you are looking for raffle ticket templates to use to get additional funding for your organization or school; you now need to download and use our Raffle Ticket Templates to guarantee attendance and support from target donors. Our ticket templates are available and easily editable in Apple Pages. Enjoy using eye-catching titles and suggestive content that you can freely customize. Opt to use appropriately designed stock photos in 300 dpi resolution or simply insert your own chosen photos. Use for school, seasonal, or any other type of event hurry and download any template for free today!

How To Make A Raffle Ticket in Pages?

To what extent is the probability of winning if you participate in a raffle draw? How many people are your targets in this marketing strategy? How effective is this method? These are just some of the questions that people might ask. If you're handling a fundraising event for a charity event, this strategy is useful. But before you foresee the outcome, come to think first on how to create a ticket effectively.

If you have advanced skills in editing templates using Apple Pages, it'll be easier for you to customize our various raffle themed tickets. Apple Pages has easy to use editing tools, ensuring your convenience. Grab the chance to read on the tips we have for you below.

1. Think ABout The Purpose

Businesses, organizations, and institutions organize a raffle event for various purposes. A company can use this strategy to entice people to avail of a product in exchange for raffle tickets to possibly increase the sales rate. Other than that, an organization can also do this to raise funds for an upcoming event.

2. Set The Process

For a strategy to succeed, it should follow a process. For instance, you're assigned to handle a concert, and for you to encourage more people to attend is to introduce them to the idea of the raffle draw. You have to make a process of availing tickets, passing of ticket stubs, and the announcing of winners. If you do this, the process will flow smoothly. Explain to them their chances of winning the prize by following the procedure.

3. Plan About The Content And Layout

The purpose of raffle tickets matters in various ways such as movies, concerts, baby showers, Christmas, and a lot more. The content of different raffle tickets varies on its kind. For example, you include in your Christmas Raffle Promo Ticket the prizes, dates, and venue of the event. Additionally, on your ticket stub, leave a space for the name, address, contact, and the seller.

4. Include A Ticket Number

To keep track of your admission raffle tickets, include in your content the ticket number. Make sure that each ticket has a specific figure. This figure is essential in estimating the number of persons who'll join the raffle draw.

5. Add Space For Ticket Stubs

In any ticket design, you have to include the stub. Usually, ticket stubs are the ones to drop for the draw. This stub comprises but not limited to the name, date, and contact number. The more the stubs, the higher the chance of winning the jackpot and other prizes. Above all of these, be reminded that raffle tickets last for some time. That's why you use a high-quality paper. Whatever your event, create a ticket that has the needed information and has professional designs.

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