Sporting tournaments unite all people regardless of race, origin, and nationality. It is a platform where we're able to witness different scenarios of sportsmanship, camaraderie, through an event. It can also be considered as a leisure activity for those who wish to simply watch the event together with their friends and/or family. However, it's safe to say that the majority would rather watch exciting tournaments live! Are you planning on hosting a tournament and having trouble advertising it to the public? Well, lucky you! We have a collection of 100% customizable Tournament Flyer Templates in MS Publisher that you can use. Plus, they're print-ready in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed size. So make your event a success by downloading our templates now!

How to Create Tournament Flyers in MS Publisher

Tournaments, particularly sporting tournaments, are major events that can take place in any part of the world. Among the different kinds of sports out there, soccer is considered as the most popular and richest sport in 2018. It also has the most number of fans across different regions. In FIFA World Cup 2018, it gained a total combined audience of 3.572 billion, which meant that almost half of the population of the world tuned in to watch it on TV, live, or on video streaming platforms, according to CNBC.

Although promoting big tournaments with famous sports such as soccer might be easy, those organizers hosting tournaments with lesser-known sports may find it difficult. Hence, you'll need to come up with effective advertising strategies that'll help you in getting the results you want to see. We listed down below some helpful tips on how you can make an efficient tournament flyer in MS Publisher.

1. Do Some Planning

To make your flyer more engaging, it would be wise if you start it with proper planning. Determine whether flyers alone can successfully advertise your tournament. You may broaden your strategies and consider using trifold brochures, pamphlets, and magazines to get the job done for you. Part of your planning should also include the content of your flyer. For this, try to be minimal and straightforward and as much as possible, narrow it down to the essential information only.

2. Organize Details Accordingly

Organize your tournament flyer by strategically arranging all its written elements. Highlight the most important ones like event venue and event schedule so that your readers can easily spot them. Do this by either increasing its font size or stating them in bullet points. Make sure to place them on the highly visible spaces of your promotional flyer so that readers can easily spot them. Applying this will likely benefit your audience because they can smoothly go through the written content.

3. Design It With a Purpose

One of the important elements of any print ad material is its design. To make it more functional, you have to relate it to a purpose. For instance, if the purpose of your flyer is to promote a business fundraising event, then make sure that the said purpose is visible in your flyer. Doing so will not just make your flyer more attractive and eye-catching but will also drive positive results for it.

4. Relate It To Your Brand

Print ad materials like flyers can also be a great platform to showcase your personal or professional brand. If the tournament is organized by an event management company, then make sure to include their logo on the flyer. Try to incorporate anything that relates to the brand you're advertising to make it more memorable to the eyes of your audience. Make sure to place them in an area within the flyer where they're highly visible so that your readers can easily spot them.

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