Certificates provide much beneficial aid towards our progression in career and life. Despite it being just a piece of paper, for some people, it reminds them of goals and successes. If you are conducting volunteer works, you would want to consider giving certificates to your volunteers as a way of appreciation towards their contribution and service. If you are looking for a certificate that would remind them of your gratitude, then look no further. Our customizable and printable Volunteer Certificate Template in PSD is professionally-designed so that you won't have any hard time editing. Plus, it lets you save money and time. Make them remember how much they have helped. Download our template today! 

How to Make a Volunteer Certificate in PSD

Volunteer certificates are essential to people who put in their time to perform acts that need no payment. It is because a certificate will always remind them of the things they had accomplished and to do better next time. If you are giving away certificates for your volunteers, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

1. Collect the Essential Details

Before you can begin making your certificate, you must gather the details necessary for it. First, you have to know what type of volunteer certificate is going to be given in the awarding event. There are many kinds of certification for volunteers, such as an appreciation award for voluntary and community service. There's also a contribution certificate for people in social service. It would be best if you were sure what you are making, especially when the task requires you to make several volunteer certificates with different titles. You also have to get the names of awardees, their accomplishment in the service, and the name of signatories. With details on hand, it will be easier to enter the information on the certificate and aid you in choosing the appropriate design.

2. Make Use of Editable Templates

When you have your details ready, you can commence your task. First, you'll need to download a template. Blank certificate templates are available online to help people like you accelerate their editing tasks without risking the quality. They have different designs and professional layouts suitable for making certificates. If you are using Adobe Photoshop for editing, then you can download a template that is compatible with the software. PSD has many certificate template features that would allow you to customize the template however you want it.

When picking out a template, you must decide whether you want to use a portrait or landscape as the orientation for your certificate. It is already pre-made once you download it, so all you have to do is search. Templates have fixed measurements which you can adjust if you wish to minimize it.

3. Opt For a Professional Design

If you've decided to get a template, you should choose one with a professional look that fits the brand of the award grantor. If the awarding authority is a school, it would be an excellent choice to use design elements relatable to the institution. This method is also applicable when making sports and hospital volunteer certificate. If you are using colored papers for your certificate, you need to modify the designs so it won't be unreadable against the paper's color. But, it is still advisable to use a white background for a certificate to make it look clean and pristine. Aside from the colors, you also need to be mindful when putting images. As much as possible, keep your images to a minimum. If it is unnecessary, then do not put anything.

4. Utilize Borders and Side Decors

If you want to create an outstanding certificate but do not want to use inappropriate photos, you can always use borders. Aside from giving a considerate space to your certificate, it can let you design outside the borders without seemingly overdoing it. Your borders would also help to highlight the necessary details contained in the certificate. If you are not fond of borders, then you can use side decors. You can create shapes of any kind, may it be symmetrical, fuzzy lines, or stripes, as long as they don't distract the reader from the content.

5. Write Down Information

Your second-to-last step is to enter all the details needed for your certificate, which you wrote down on a list. Do not forget to write down the name of the awarding authority, the name of the award to be given away, the recipient's name, their accomplishment, the name of the event, date, and location. You also need to put in the names of the signatories, may it be the name of the head sponsor, chief organizer, or both. After printing, it is your choice to put it in a frame.

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