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Anyone who is computer literate can easily set up a website nowadays. However, the challenge is not about putting one up -- it’s about making sure that these websites are effective in their purpose. Website themes serve as the brand identity of your website, optimizing traffic and ensuring that your audience will have a good experience with their every visit.

Like going to a job interview, your website should make a good first impression -- clean, efficient sites are guaranteed to keep the attention. Interesting posts and information lead them to read more and even keep them visiting on a regular basis. Most readers like to visit sites that are easy to navigate and are optimized for reading. Things to consider are enough white space to make it relaxing, font sizes that are neither too big nor too small for reading, and no random pop-up advertisements that can be annoying.

A well designed website template does not only focus on the overall look but on its efficiency as well. For instance, an online shopping website should make it easy for visitors to order items, while a photographer’s online portfolio should be optimized for excellent photo viewing. Today, individuals browse the internet on their phones than on desktop computers. This means responsive sites automatically get plus points from visitors.

To avoid the hassles of building a website, you can start by choosing a customizable template to serve as your base. Free Templates offer numerous themes that you can choose from, so start building from there. Take a look at numerous themes and templates ranging from simple to interactive user experience. Change colors, fonts, and graphic designs accordingly, until you feel that your website is optimized to attract visitors. From simple, clean designs for business websites to more dramatic displays for personal branding, they are all available on the website for free.

Once you are content with how your website looks, you can start adding photos, articles, and other content. This keeps your website interesting, and will help maintain and increase traffic volume and definitely help make your business grow