Improving the quality of your website with a website header is indeed a complicated and difficult task to achieve, especially if you're not an expert web designer. Since that's the case, you should strongly consider taking advantage of our high-quality and responsive Website Header Templates in Adobe Photoshop (PSD). This section of our Website Templates provides you with a concrete foundation for you to start crafting your site's website header. Each of them has a professional and beautiful design that you can use as-is or modify if there's a need. All of these templates are easily-editable and 100% customizable in Adobe Photoshop. With these templates, formulating your website header can be done within a short period. So what's holding you? Download any of our ready-made Website Header Templates in Adobe Photoshop now! 

How To Create A Website Header In Adobe Photoshop (PSD)?

Website headers have tremendous importance for every website. They serve as an introduction and an indicator that a site visitor accessed the correct website. In other words, a website header is the first point of contact for every site visitor and can provide an excellent first impression if made with excellent quality. So if you have a website that represents your business or organization, you should invest time and effort to create a header for it. There are several best practices for website header design that would undoubtedly be useful. We will also help you create your website header by sharing with you our basic guide.

1. Download One Of Our Website Header Templates

We know the fact that a website header is indeed quite difficult to create from scratch, and also time-consuming. So to avoid that, we encourage you to download one of our Website Header Templates. We have the Fitness Website Header, the Hosting Website Header, the Jewelry Website Header, the Automobile Website Header, the Pets Website Header, the Christmas Offer Website Header, the Construction Website Header, the Shopping Website Header, and more. Select one that best suits your business or organization. You may also use our Blog Header Templates if your site's niche are blogs.

2. Open Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is among the best editing programs in the digital market that's capable of enhancing media components such as images and graphic designs. That said, you can expect that Adobe Photoshop can effectively improve your website header with the aid of the pre-made design of your downloaded template. Moreover, Adobe Photoshop already provides all the tools and flexible features you might need to customize your template.

3. Embed A Quality Cover Image

The Website Header Template you've selected from us already has a cover image. However, it's just a sample and is likely not in-line with the identity of your business or organization. So what you must do is replace it with a relevant one. For example, if your business is a spa, the fitting cover image would be that of a customer experiencing your spa services. If your site focuses on the selling of fashion items, such as dresses and shoes, you can set a cover image of a model wearing one of your personal favorites and best-selling items. And lastly, if your site is a marketing tool to promote your musical instruments shop, you can embed a cover image showing a musician playing one of your best musical instruments. You may hire the expertise of a photography studio or a freelance photographer to ensure that your header's cover image is of picture-perfect quality. The importance of the cover image is to give your site visitors a direct idea of what your site is all about.

4. Feature Your Best Offers

Although it might not be necessary at all times, it's best to feature your site's best offers to capture the attention of your visitors. That includes discount vouchers, a buy one take one offer, a premium offer for regular customers, and many more. This kind of approach is an effective marketing strategy to increase the customer/client traffic of your business. Make sure to emphasize the texts coveying the best offers in your website header.

5. Showcase Your Business Name And Logo

The components of the website header that you must not forget to include are your business's name and official logo. These two are essential in establishing the branding and identity of your website. Place both of them at the upper-right corner or upper-center of your website header. In addition, you can also attach your social media links below the header.

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