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Table of Contents

  1. Wrapper Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Wrapper?
  3. 10 Types of Wrappers
  4. Wrapper Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Wrapper? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Wrapper
  7. Wrapper vs. Decorator
  8. What’s the Difference Between Wrapper, Binding & Laminating?
  9. Wrapper Sizes
  10. Wrapper Ideas and Examples
  11. FAQs


wrappers are materials that are used to cover all sorts of things, from boxes to bottles. Aside from protecting or preserving the contents inside, wrappers are also used to advertise and showcase the brand identity of the product to be distinguishable from other similar products.

Wrapper Definition & Meaning

A wrapper is a material usually made out of plastic, paper, or cloth that is used to bind and cover a particular object.

This material could be simply used as a decoration, storage, or as a protective cover that prolongs a product’s shelf life.

What Is a Wrapper?

A wrapper is an essential material used in our daily lives and by various business industries. We use wrappers to store objects and for companies, these are used for packaging and as a means to identify products. Wrappers also contain instructions and details that are important for customers.

10 Types of Wrappers

Bottle Wrapper

Bottle wrappers are most common in plastic bottles and selected ones are made out of glass or breakable materials. A lot of beverage companies use wrappers for their bottles as a means to label their products and include a few essential details into the material as well. These wrappers are designed to be full or half-wrapped making them easy to peel off so you can recycle the bottle.

bottle wrapper

Juice Box Wrapper

Objects and products made out of boxes can also be decorated with paper. One common sight in a grocery and convenience store is a juice box wrapper. Juice boxes often have wrappers not only for their design, but businesses use these wrappers to write down important details such as their ingredients and other information that can be beneficial to the customers.

juice box wrapper 788x60

Birthday Candy Wrapper

Birthday parties are never really complete without gift giving and giveaways. As a means to thank the guests, you can get creative with your giveaways with a birthday candy wrapper and of course, you can use wrappers to contain the gifts for the celebrant as well. Wrappers would make great surprises and it helps turn a simple object into a great giveaway for your guests.

birthday candy wrapper 788x60

Chocolate Bar Wrapper

In order to prolong and protect chocolate bars, this well-loved snack must be properly secured so as not to spoil it. Back in the day, a chocolate bar wrapper was made out of paper and its inner wrapper was usually made of aluminum or plastic. Although this is still being practiced today, a number of chocolate bars also use a sort of plastic material such as cellophane which can be much sturdier.

chocolate bar wrapper

Galaxy Wrapper

A galaxy wrapper is one unique way to wrap a gift or package a product you are selling. This wrapper would work well for galaxy or space-themed parties that would surely delight guests. This would make quite a lasting impression not just on the gifts and freebies but on the event as well.

galaxy wrapper

Candy Bar Wrapper

Let’s face it we are attracted to candies and other sweets because of their cute and colorful wrapper designs. Aside from the labeling, a lot of candy manufacturers make use of their candy bar wrappers to advertise and make their products stand out from the rest. Wrappers also change with the season, for example, Christmas and Halloween candy designs to let customers know that these products are sold specifically for the occasion.

candy bar wrappers

Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrapper

Wrappers would make fine gift packaging for expecting mothers such as a baby shower candy bar wrapper. One can get creative with its motif and layout depending on the theme of the party. Paper and plastic materials make excellent wrappers that are designed to hold small and large gifts or objects.

baby shower candy bar wrapper

Stripped Candy Bar Wrapper

You can never go wrong with stripes as a pattern for wrappers and packaging just like a stripped candy bar wrapper. You can use one to decorate personal items, an anniversary present, or for packaging products to be sold online. Its design and layout work well for fabrics, paper, or plastic materials.

stripped candy bar wrapper

Glitter Candy Wrapper

Glitter candy wrappers are popularly used to package a product or for fancy gift wrapper ideas. Glitters can be incorporated into fabric, plastic, and paper which makes them ideal packaging tools. Not to mention, glitters come in a variety of colors at can be quite attractive making these materials stand out from the rest.

glitter candy wrapper

Holiday Candy Bar Wrapper

Whenever there is an upcoming holiday such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day you’ll notice a lot of new items for sale and this has got to do with the packaging. To get on with the occasion, holiday candy bar wrappers designed for a particular holiday are sold or used to package food items, wrap flowers, or even decorate water bottles. They come with various concepts, motifs, and colors built for the holiday season.

holiday candy bar wrapper

Wrapper Uses, Purpose, Importance

Wrappers have been widely used to contain and bind all sorts of objects. Initially, wrappers were made out of paper used to just wrap gifts and items. Yet throughout the years packaging materials such as wrappers have greatly evolved and are now used not just for decorations but as means to secure, advertise and label products and various objects.


Wrappers are used by various business industries to label their products for customers to distinguish similar products from others. Wrappers are carefully constructed to give a product a distinct feature that separates them from the rest. And also wrappers make it easier for grocery staff to arrange and for customers to locate on shelves.

Advertising and Promotion

Wrappers are also designed to advertise and promote a brand or product. They make great marketing tools as they can be easily customized and tailored to fit marketing requirements. For those on a budget, a DIY wrapper is easy to do since wrappers can be made out of paper, fabric, or plastic materials which are made available in local stores or you can recycle old materials to construct a one-of-a-kind wrapper for decorations or the business.

Written Instructions and Details

Another important use of wrappers is that details or instructions can be written down on this material. For example, a bar of soap’s expiration date and description are usually found in its wrapper. Making this convenient for customers as they are able to read what the product is all about before deciding to buy the item.

Protection and Security

Wrappers are built to secure and protect the object it holds within. Depending on the object, wrappers are made out of various materials that are designed specifically for the item. For example, frozen food like fish, chicken, or ice cream is usually tucked in a plastic wrapper so it won’t make much mess when it melts.


Wrappers can be cost-effective tools if you find the right materials to use. Once you’ve found the right wrapper to store your items or products this can prolong its existence making it less susceptible to damage. As mentioned, you can also create wrappers by using recycled materials or even reusing old wrappers for practicality.

What’s in a Wrapper? Parts?

Materials Used

To properly use a wrapper you must decide what material it is made of. The usual materials used are paper, plastic, foil, and fabric.

Design and Label

Wrappers may look simple like a transparent roll of plastic or are decorated with intricate designs. Wrappers also contain labels to identify or give a hint of the object within.

Instructions and Details

Wrappers used to advertise or secure a product include detailed instructions just like manuals where you can find details on how to properly use the item. Other vital information such as the expiration date, manufacturing details, and other facts regarding the product are also found on wrappers.

whats in a wrapper parts

How to Design a Wrapper

1. Choose a Wrapper Size.

2. Determine the purpose of the wrapper.

3. Select a Wrapper Template.

4. Decide on the theme, materials to be used, and colors.

5. Add images and other essential details.

6. Finalize and download.

how to design a wrapper

Wrapper vs. Decorator

A wrapper is a decorative and strong material used on various occasions for storage, as a means to distinguish an item from another, for advertisement, and to secure an object within.

A decorator on the other hand is a professional that is in charge of designing and painting the interior and exterior areas of a building.

What’s the Difference Between Wrapper, Binding & Laminating?

A wrapper is a material made of paper, fabric, foil, or plastic that is used to contain, label, and transport products in a variety of ways.

Binding is the process of properly securing an object like a book this is the cover and materials that hold it together.

Laminating or lamination is the process of adding layers of plastic to a material to make it sturdier and thicker.

Wrapper Sizes

Wrappers are made out of different kinds of materials that are designed to specifically hold, transport, or decorate a particular object. Aside from its layout and design, several wrapper sizes are constructed precisely for certain items.

Paper Wrapper Sizes

paper wrapper sizes

Plastic Wrapper Sizes

plastic wrapper sizes

Aluminum/Tin Foil Wrapper Sizes

aluminum tin foil wrapper sizes

Fabric Wrapper Sizes

fabric wrapper sizes

Wrapper Ideas and Examples

The great thing about wrappers is that you are free to create your own design, layout and not to mention the material you want to use for the wrapper. Create eye-catching and distinct wrapper ideas that will cater to both personal and business needs.


What is the impact of wrappers on business?

The good thing about wrappers is that they can pack almost anything from cigars to cupcakes making these an ideal container and marketing device for businesses, however, it does have some downside as wrappers are one of the major waste materials which have created a negative impact on society.

How do you wrap candy?

To wrap a candy you must be able to match its size and structure to be able to wrap it properly along with what type of wrapper material you should be using.

What is the main reason for wrapping presents?

Wrapping presents is one way to surprise a family, friend, or colleague which gives off a feeling of excitement and anticipation.

What are candy bar wrappers made of?

Candy bar wrappers are either made of plastic, aluminum, or paper.

Are wrappers recyclable?

Several wrappers are designed to be recyclable as a means to help the environment, for example, candy wrappers can be used to create entirely new products, could be reused to wrap other items, or decorate one’s home.

What are the best colors for wrappers?

To select a color for your wrapper, you need to make sure it is relevant to the theme, motif, and concept.

Why does chocolate have a wrapper?

Chocolates are sealed in wrappers because this prevents them from spoiling early and aside from that wrappers make great marketing material that should be able to attract new customers.

What do you need to wrap gifts?

You make use of different sorts of materials to wrap gifts, from paper wrappers to tin foils, as long as the object you are wrapping is properly secured and does not fall out.

How can you tell if the wrapping paper is good quality?

You can tell if the wrapping paper is of good quality from its thickness and the materials used to create the wrapper.

What are wrappers made of?

Wrappers are made out of paper, plastic, aluminum, and fabric.

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