How Can I Download Microsoft Visio for Free

Microsoft Visio marks Microsoft’s main diagram maker software from professional-looking flowcharts to complex visual diagrams. You can certainly download, access, and use Microsoft Visio for free whether you use Visio 2007, Visio 2010, Visio 2013, Visio 2016, or any of the later versions. how-can-i-download-microsoft-visio-for-free

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How Can I Download Microsoft Visio for Free

The main options to use Microsoft Visio are to use the online version, subscribe to Microsoft Office 365, or take the Microsoft Vision plan. And you can certainly go for free with these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit Microsoft Visio Online

    Microsoft Visio online is a free web browser. Simply visit and sign in to Microsoft Visio. The free online version doesn’t require any installation so it is very easy to access. Just make sure to provide your Microsoft email address and password to get started. Then, click “Sign in.”


  • Step 2: Take the Microsoft Office 365 Free Trial

    The best option would be to subscribe to Microsoft 365 because you can access all Office tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and even Microsoft Visio. But if you can’t pay the $9.99 subscription per month or $99.99 subscription per year yet, you can always take the Office 365 free trial for one month. Simply visit the MS Office 365 product page and click “Try 1 month free” until you are ready to buy the subscription.

  • Step 3: Open Microsoft Visio from Office 365


    When you are already using the free trial version of Office 365, open the MS Visio app immediately on your computer. It should be available from the many Office productivity tools there. Then, you practice how to use Microsoft Visio such as how to create a diagram using a template. Just know that after one month, charges already apply so you can only go back to Visio online for the free version.

  • Step 4: Download Microsoft Visio Only for Free

    The last option is to subscribe to Microsoft Visio only. You may opt for Visio Plan 1 ($5 per month) or Visio Plan 2 ($15 per month). This is more affordable than the Microsoft 365 version because you don’t need to use all Office tools. And just like MS 365, there is also a free trial available in the Microsoft Visio plan whether you opt for plan 1 or plan 2. Try it for one month and you can continue subscribing with charges afterward.


Can I download Visio without Office?

Yes, as mentioned earlier in step 4, you can just download the Visio plan 1 or plan 2 and there are free trial versions for both; no need for Office.

Is Visio free for students?

MS Visio, specifically Visio Professional for Students, is free for students mainly for training, learning, or educational purposes.

Can I view Visio files even without Visio installed?

Even without a Microsoft Visio app installed, you can still view and even print Visio files for free using Visio Viewer; hence, you can share files with others so they can access and get copies for themselves.