How to Add Microsoft Visio to Office 365

In case you open Microsoft Office 365 and you can’t find Microsoft Visio from your list of apps, don’t fret. You can add Microsoft Visio to MS Office 365 anytime so that the next time you sign in to Office, MS Visio is just a few clicks away.

How to Add Microsoft Visio to Office 365

Microsoft Visio is already known as a diagramming software with stellar vector graphics to present your data. So make sure you can’t miss this application every time you open Microsoft Office 365 when you follow these basic steps:

  • Step 1: Check All Apps Under Office 365


    Visit, sign in with your Microsoft account, and click the nine-dotted icon on the upper left of your screen. Then, click “All apps” where you can see the total list of apps under your Office 365 subscription. If you can’t find Microsoft Visio at all, then that’s where you need to use Microsoft Visio online and proceed to step two.

  • Step 2: Visit Microsoft Visio Online


    Head to or proceed to the Microsoft Visio Plan product page. The reason Visio isn’t on your Office 365 home page is that Visio has its own standalone subscriptions—the Microsoft Visio Plan 1 ($5 per user/month) and the Microsoft Visio Plan 2 ($15 per user/month). Take note of their differences before you buy it now or download Microsoft Visio for free.


    If you are tight on the budget at the moment, just click “Or try free for one month” on your preferred plan. Then, select “Continue” and “Try now.” You’ll be directed to the Microsoft admin page. Then, click “Users,” “Active users,” choose your account, select “Licenses and apps,” put a checkmark beside the Visio Plan you selected, and press “Save changes.”

  • Step 3: Continue the Installation in Office


    Go back to and click “Install Office.” Then, proceed to “Other install options.” Go to “Subscriptions,” click “Apps & devices,” and select “Install Visio.” This option proceeds to install Microsoft Visio, complete the instructions given on your device to complete the installation, and you can access Microsoft Visio shortly.

  • Step 4: Review Your Apps under Office 365

    When you go to once again, follow step one of this article. And since Visio was already installed, that means your list of apps under Office 365 should already include Microsoft Visio. Thus, you have just completed how to add MS Visio to Office 365.


How do I view Visio online in Office 365?

If you are already subscribed to Microsoft Office 365, then you can access Visio online easily at

Does Office 365 home have Visio?

The MS Office 365 home page doesn’t have Microsoft Visio automatically because you can get obtain the app separately; you may get Visio Standard, Visio Professional, Visio Pro, Visio Plan 1, or Visio Plan 2.

What version of Visio works with Office 365?

Office 365 works for both Microsoft Visio 2016 and 2019.

Is Visio included in Office 2021?

Yes, Microsoft Visio is included in Microsoft 365 for the whole commercial SKU in 2021; however, only the lightweight model is present.

Does Office 365 have a flow chart app?

Yes, and Office 365 recommends using Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Word’s SmartArt templates to help you create flowcharts.