How to Download Microsoft Access for Free

The Microsoft Office Suite includes Microsoft Access, a database program that enables users to enter data, manage it, and produce small or large reports. This is a perfect application for individuals who want to correctly and rapidly organize data.

How to Download Microsoft Access for Free

Microsoft Access is a DBMS tool for producing reports, resumes, and other data-based documents. The application is available online for a free trial download.

  • Step 1: Go to Your Browser

    The first step requires you to go to your preferred browser, whether it is Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge. After that, search for Microsoft Access in the search bar and press Enter. Then, choose a website that offers a free download for Microsoft Access. For example, provides a free Microsoft Access download.

  • Step 2: Download the Free Trial Version of Microsoft Access

    Once you have chosen a reliable website, find and click on the link for a free Microsoft Access trial for the most recent version of the program. Then, click on the green download button that appears on the website. On the following page, click on the “Continue to Download” option, which will redirect you to Microsoft’s webpage. After that, you select the “Try 1 Month Free” option for you to download the Office Professional on a trial basis. This trial contains the Microsoft Access software.


    The trial will end after a particular period of time, which is usually a month, at which point you must choose whether you intend to buy the full program to keep using it.


What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a software tool that was first made available in 1992 and employs data management to generate queries and reports that can be transferred into other programs like Microsoft Excel.

Why should I use Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access has many benefits for managing and organizing data, including centralizing information that is dispersed across numerous Microsoft Excel worksheets or workbooks or other file types; producing customized data entry forms with lookups, checkboxes, list-boxes, and text boxes that can be easily filtered; allowing multiple users to access and edit data at once; and creating standardized reports that can be printed, faxed, emailed, exported to Microsoft Excel, transferred to Microsoft Word, linked to Microsoft SharePoint lists, and more.

What kinds of software can I create with Microsoft Access?

The range of applications that may be created with Microsoft Access is practically endless; to name a few, there are those for accounting, order management, inventory, contact management, estimating, and project management.

Can multiple users access the same Microsoft Access database at once?

Yes, Microsoft Access is a multi-user program that allows multiple users to interact with a database at once, and these users can share a single file to provide them access to the forms, reports, and data.

Do I need a license to use Microsoft Access?

The basic desktop version of Microsoft Access can be used without any special hardware or license requirements, and for that reason, both individuals and teams can download it with no additional cost.