How to Increase Print Resolution of Image in Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher can increase the print resolution of your images, allowing you to produce high-quality outputs. What’s more, you can create your publications in various PDF print quality formats! how-to-increase-print-resolution-of-image-in-microsoft-publisher

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How to Increase Print Resolution of Image in Microsoft Publisher

High-quality output is obtained by increasing the print resolution of your images in Microsoft Publisher. There are numerous PDF print-quality formats in which you can produce publications in Microsoft Publisher.

  • Step 1: Open the Image You Want to Increase the Print Resolution of

    Launch your Microsoft Publisher program and create a new blank publication. Then, open the image that you want to increase the print resolution of. To do so, click the Pictures option in the Home tab, select the “From a file” option to open a picture from your computer, select the “Bing Image Search” option to search for and open an online image, or select your “OneDrive” option to open an image from the cloud.

  • Step 2: Select the File Tab and Click on Export

    Go to the File tab of the Publisher ribbon and select the Export option. After that, choose to Create PDF/XPS Document. You will be presented with some possible reasons for creating a PDF/XPS document, like preserving formatting, ensuring users cannot change the document, and providing free online viewing availability. Then, click on the Create PDF/XPS button.

  • Step 3: Increase the Print Resolution and Save the File

    After you click the Create PDF/XPS button, enter the name of your file. As you can see, the “Save as type” is already set as a PDF. Move to the “Optimize for” option and click on the Options button. Then, specify how your publication will be printed, which includes choices like minimum size, standard, high-quality printing, commercial press, and custom. Increase the print resolution of your image by picking one of these options. Click OK and then click Save. You now have saved the increased print resolution for your image on your computer, which you can print at any time.


How can I print in Microsoft Publisher?

To print in Microsoft Publisher, select the File tab, choose Print, select the right printer, set the number of copies to be printed, make the necessary adjustments for printing, and click on the Print button to start printing.

How do I find the effective resolution of a picture in my publication?

To find the effective resolution of a picture in your publication, click on the View tab, select the Graphics Manager, click the arrow-down in the “Select a picture” option on the right side of the screen, then select Details, and the resolution is shown in dots per inch (dpi) in the Effective Resolution field.

What is the best resolution for printing a picture?

All pictures and art files should have a resolution of 300 dpi in order to be printed (it is the industry standard since the offset press cannot accurately reproduce resolutions higher than 300).

What is a dots per inch resolution?

Dots per inch, or DPI, is a measure of a printer’s resolution and it essentially refers to how many ink dots fall per square inch onto a piece of paper or other surfaces.