How to Open a Microsoft Publisher File

Microsoft Publisher’s files are very simple to open. The software produces files in the “.pub” file format. how-to-open-a-microsoft-publisher-file

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How to Open a Microsoft Publisher File

The most convenient and fastest way to open a “.pub” file is with Microsoft Publisher, the application it was made with.

  • Step 1: Go to the File Tab and Click Open

    The first thing that you need to do when opening a Publisher file is to launch the Microsoft Publisher program. Then, click on a new blank page. After that, move your mouse to the File tab and click it. Under that tab, choose the Open option.

  • Step 2: Choose One of the Location Options

    The Open menu will display the options where you can find the file that you want to open. Choose from one of the options, which include the “Recent” publications you have made, OneDrive, This PC, Browse, or you can choose to “Add a Place”.

  • Step 3: Locate the File and Click Open

    Once you have chosen the location option, the Open Publication dialog box will appear. From there, locate your file. You can also type the title of your publication in the “File name” field to locate it. Finally, after selecting the file to open, click the Open button. The selected file will then be displayed in Microsoft Publisher.


What is the file format for the files in Microsoft Publisher?

The “.pub” extension is the file format for the files in Microsoft Publisher.

What does Microsoft Publisher help me with?

Microsoft Publisher makes it simple for you to easily produce, customize, and distribute a variety of publications and marketing materials of high quality, whether you are producing postcards, greeting cards, e-mail newsletters, brochures, newsletters, or any other type of print material.

Can I open a PDF file in Microsoft Publisher?

Yes, you are not just able to open a PDF file in Microsoft Publisher, but you can also save your publications in a PDF file format.

How do I save my publication in PDF or XPS format?

Go to the File tab, click on Export, select Create PDF/XPS Document, click on Create PDF/XPS, enter the publication’s name in the File name field, choose XPS Document or PDF under Save as type, click Options, and select the publish option best for online or print viewing of your publication, click OK, and then hit Publish.

What are the most commonly used file extensions in Microsoft Publisher?

Some of the most commonly used file extensions in Microsoft Publisher are “.pub”, “.doc”, “.docx”, “.eps”, “.pdf”, “.ps”, and “.wps”, and the other file extensions developed for use in Microsoft Publisher include “.bdr”, “.mph”, “.ols”, “.pbr”, “.prv”, “.pubhtml”, “.pubmhtml”, “.puz”, and “.wiz”, as well as “.cag”, which is also associated with Microsoft Publisher.

Is it possible to save a publication as a Word document?

Yes, simply launch the Publisher document that you wish to save as a Microsoft Word file, select the File tab, click Save As, choose the file location, type the file name, select the version of Word you want to save for in the Save as type list, and click the Save button.