Give your visitors a pleasurable experience when browsing your site with the help of our high-quality Website Header Templates. This subcategory of our Website Templates each have a unique and creative design that improves the aesthetic quality of your website. All of them are readily responsive once published. You may also make some changes with their design thanks to their easily-editable and 100% customizable features. Creating a website header has never been this easy with these templates. Within the shortest possible period, your website header is ready to be viewed for your site visitors. Take advantage of this golden opportunity now by downloading our ready-made Website Header Templates!

What Is A Website Header?

A website header is an integral component for every website that appears at the top of their specific pages, such as the likes of landing pages. They serve as an introduction for every website page, primarily containing the name, slogan, and logo of a company, organization, or institution.

How To Create A Website Header?

Every website needs a website header to make it more presentable and credible for its viewers. Not only that. A website header also plays a vital role in improving a site's search engine optimization ranking. Thus, increasing its chances to be heavily featured and visited in big-name and authoritative search engine sites. So if you have a website that serves as a digital marketing tool for your business, you must improve its header. We will help you achieve that by sharing with you our quick guide on how to create a website header.

1. Use Our Website Header Templates

Website headers are undoubtedly quite cumbersome to formulate from scratch, and of course, you surely want to avoid that situation. For that reason, you should consider making use of any of our Website Header Templates. All of them have a professional and beautiful design that's appropriate for shopping sites, agency sites, banking sites, and many more. We have the Pets Website Header Template, the Hosting Website Header Template, the Event Management Website Header Template, the Restaurant Website Header Template, the Creative Agency Website Header Template, the Christmas Website Header Template, and so much more. Select one that meets your particular needs. Moreover, if your site focuses on blogs, you may also use our Blog Header Templates.

2. Emphasize Your Logo And Site Name

The key components that establish the branding of your website are your company logo and its name or business name. Therefore, you must emphasize the two of them on your header. For the name, set a readable and presentable font style for their texts. For the logo, make sure that its pixel quality is high. The best spots to place them are at the upper right and upper center of your header. However, it's entirely up to your preference.

3. Feature Your Best Offers

Similar to the advertising brochures, flyers, banners, and posters of countless companies, your website header must also feature your best offers, be it a product or service. It could be a discount, a bonus if a customer purchases several items or simply a short description of your best-selling product or service. You should emphasize them on your header. Here are some examples: "30% Discount If Your Purchase Two," "Buy Five Take Two," "Premium Wedding Banquet Good For 100 Pax."

4. Set An Elegant Background Image

The Website Header Template you've chosen from us already has a background image that you can use as-is. But if it's not relevant to your needs, you can remove and replace it with your own. Make sure to set an elegant background image and immediately gives your site visitors an idea of what your website is all about. For example, if your website is an online shopping platform that sells fashion clothes, the best background image would be a gorgeous model wearing one of your best fashion items. If your website is digital advertising material for your real estate business or construction firm, your header background image should be those showcasing your constructed buildings and properties-for-sale. And lastly, if your website represents your restaurant's menu, its header's background image should be that of your best-selling dish.

5. Include Your Slogan

Remember that your website is considered as a marketing tool. And when it comes to marketing tools, the business slogan should be found on each of them. Hence, do the same with your website header. The slogan of your business can capture the attention of your site visitors since it's catchy and inviting. Plus, it also helps to establish the identity of your business.

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