How to Delete Recent Files in Adobe Illustrator

If you export some images in Adobe Illustrator, they are more likely to be listed in the Open Recent Files List. Many artists and designers want to delete recent files to minimize and save space in the software. In this article, learn how to easily delete recent files in Adobe Illustrator. how-to-delete-recent-files-in-adobe-illustrator-featured-header

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How to Delete Recent Files in Adobe Illustrator

Clearing recent files in AI is a useful way to keep your completed files and other recent documents away from the list, making your interface clean and organized. Below are simple steps that you can follow if you need to delete some of your recent files in your Adobe Illustrator.

  • Step 1: Open Illustrator

    Open your Adobe Illustrator. You will see the recent files shown in the Open Dialogue Box.

  • Step 2: Go to File Handling & Clipboard

    Go to Edit > Preferences > File Handling & Clipboard. Then, search for the Number of Recent Files to Display (0-30).

  • Step 3: Change the Number of Recent Files to Display to Zero

    Modify the number indicated in the recent files to display. Make it zero so that the recent files will not appear again, and press OK.

  • Step 4: Restart Illustrator

    After you modified the setting, restart Illustrator. After you open the software, the recent files are not shown below the Start a New File Fast section.


How to find recent documents in Illustrator?

Click on Open or tap CTRL+O (Windows) or Command O (Mac), and then you will see the standard Open Dialogue Box where you will see the documents you have recently opened.

How to quickly delete in Illustrator?

Select the Eraser Tool (Shift+E), and brush on the specific areas you want to remove.

Where is the history in Illustrator?

Open the panel when you select Window > Version History.

How to delete imported images in Illustrator?

Import the image into your workspace, select the image, open up the Transparency panel, click the Make Mask button to apply a layer mask, uncheck the Clip box, and start painting over the image with a black brush to delete them.

Why can I not erase the object in Illustrator?

Make sure that you unlock the object you want to erase so that you can use the Erase tool to erase the object.