How to Create a Venn Diagram in Apple Pages

Venn diagrams are important infographics as it helps reporters explain two subjects and their relationship. As we all know, sometimes words are not enough to demonstrate an idea as most of the time it needs visual presentations.

How to Create a Venn Diagram in Apple Pages

Generating a Venn diagram in apple pages can be challenging and consumes a lot of time, especially when you do not know the proper order of Venn diagram generation. This article provides transparent and comprehensive steps to guide you to make the Venn diagram quickly and smoothly.

  • Step 1:Choose a Blank Landscape

    First, you need to choose a blank template or landscape to get started with your Venn diagram. You have to make sure that the paper size is compatible with your Venn diagram.

  • Step 2: Add Shape

    For your Venn diagram, you need to click the shape button. After clicking it, you will see various shapes you can choose according to your preferences. Venn diagram is mostly circles, but you can choose other shapes depending on your style.

  • Step 3: Resize Shape

    After dragging the shape in the document, you will need to resize the shapes. In resizing, you will need to drag the tiny square indicators in the line of the shapes to your preferred size. To merge the two shapes, you will need to click style to pick a color.

  • Step 4: Set Text Wrap

    You will need to set the wrap text to “none” to merge the shape and form it into a Venn diagram. To set the text wrap, you will need to choose the arrange button on the sidebar. After that, you will see the wrap text toolbar; click it to see the drop-down menu and choose the none button.

  • Step 5: Set Opacity

    Opacity allows you to have transparent diagrams. It helps you ensure the contents are visible, even with various overlapping shapes. To set opacity, you will need to look for the style button in the side toolbar and click it. After clicking it, you will then see opacity at the bottom. You can change the opacity level by dragging the indicator to the level of your preferences. As a result, you now have transparent shapes.


Why do you use the Venn diagram?

A lot of professionals use a Venn diagram as it allows you to explain the relationship between two objects or topics. A Venn diagram is one of the most known infographics as it assists reporters in conveying the idea effectively.

How do I add shape to apple pages?

Apple pages have various innovative toolbars, and one of them is a shape toolbar. Clicking it shows you multiple shapes you can use and drag to your document. It also allows you to drag more than one shape, enabling you to form diagrams.

Are there various shapes available on pages?

Yes, apple pages have numerous shapes you can use for diagrams or other infographics. other basic shapes, they also have shapes you can use for creating infographics such as bubble chats, arrows, and other unusual shapes you might need.