Contractor Agreement Template – 18+ Free Word, PDF Document Download

This agreement is signed between a contractor and a company, hence it should also include some provisions to cover any local law if applicable. Both parties are governed with all terms and conditions such as term and termination of services, contractor services, Ownership and Liability, Confidential Information and other Miscellaneous Provisions. You can also see Sales Agreement Template. Download our contractor Agreement Templates for free of cost from our website which offers a detailed version of all legal law application during the contract. Just copy and paste your names and dates when this contract start and your agreement is ready.

Real Estate Partnership Agreement Template in Pages for Mac

real-estate-partnership-agreement-template-in-pages-for-mac Download

Simple Non-compete Agreement Word Template

simple-non-compete-agreement-word-template Download

Employee Confidentiality Agreement in iPages

employee-confidentiality-agreement-in-ipages Download

Printable Service Level Agreement Template in Docs

printable-service-level-agreement-template-in-docs Download

Easy to Edit Employment Agreement Executive

easy-to-edit-employment-agreement-executive Download

Non Disclosure Agreement Template in iPages

non-disclosure-agreement-template-in-ipages Download

Artist Management Contract Template in Word

artist-management-contract-template-in-word Download

Agreement Between Contractor & Owner Document Download

agreement between contractor owner document | Prior to commencement of any work, the owner and contractor should have an agreement in place. With our contractor and owner agreement Word template, you can create a legal document of this kind.

Independent Contractor Agreement Document Free Download

independent contractor agreement document | When you contract an independent contractor there should be an agreement on the terms of contract and payment between you two. Use this PDF template to make the agreement document.

Independent Contractor Agreement PDF Format Free Download

independent contractor agreement pdf format | With this PDF contractor agreement template you can make a binding agreement with the independent contractor you want to work for you. The template is downloadable from our site for free.

Contractor Agreement Template PDF Format

contractor agreement template | As an institution you can use this contractor agreement template to engage contractors. It has an organized layout and is simple without lots of legal jargon. Download it in PDF.

Agreement Between Contractor & Owner Template Free Download

agreement between contractor owner document1 | We have this simple and direct contractor and owner agreement template to help you engage contractors. It is available in Excel and is very customizable allowing one to modify the sections that need changing.

General Contractor Agreement PDF Format Download

general contractor agreement pdf format | This general contractor agreement template can be used when you want to set the terms and conditions of work with your contractor. The template is available in PDF file format.

Standard Agreement Between Contractor & Property Owner Template

standard agreement between contractor property owner | This is a simple Excel template agreement between contractor and client. Download it here and edit it as desired to create the form you need. It spells out the terms as you want the contractor to follow.

Homeowner as General Contractor Agreement Template

homeowner as general contractor agreement | This is a request by the homeowner cum contractor to make changes or small work on their homes. The form can be downloaded here in the available Word file format.

Owner Contractor Agreement Template Document Download

agreement between contractor owner document2 | Use our professionally designed owner contractor agreement template to come up with an agreement for your contractor to sign. It can be downloaded in Word file format from this site.

On-Call General Contractor Agreement Template Free Download

on call general contractor agreement | This is an agreement one makes with a contractor to have them on call in case there is a need. It saves the process of interviewing and making fresh agreements all the time. Download it in PDF format.

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