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Lease Agreement

A lease agreement is a legally binding contract between lessor & lessee which is mostly common  in the context of a rental property. The agreement states that the landlord has given this right to the  tenant to use his property under specific terms and conditions. The agreement also states the  agreed lease amount.

Free Standard Lease Agreement Template Word Doc

Rental Agreement

Rental agreement can be defined as the legal contract between landlord & tenant and it certifies  that the tenant has this allowance to use the landlord’s property under certain terms & conditions.  It also mentions the rental sum. This type of agreement is for a short rental period which is further  renewed as the tenancy period terminates.

Editable Storage Rental Agreement Word Format

Non Disclosure Agreement

The non disclosure agreement is a legally binding contract that states that the parties involved in  the agreement won’t disclose some agreed confidential information to others. Also known as  NDA, this form of agreement is necessary to keep your business secrets intact and is essential to  maintain competitive advantage for a business.

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Template PDF Format

Non Compete Agreement

A non compete agreement is usually used between an employer & employee. Such a contract  certifies that the employee would not foray into or initiate a similar trade or profession in  competition against the employer. This form of contract helps the employer to protect his  competitive edge in the industry.

Printable Confidential & Non Competition Agreemet Template

Confidentiality Agreement

A confidentiality agreement is a legal contract between 2 or multiple parties where the parties  promise that the information conveyed would be kept secret. Such a contract could be mutual  where all the parties are accountable to maintain the secrecy or could be unilateral where just the  receiving person has to maintain the obligation.

Rental Lease Agreement

A rental lease agreement is usually made between a landlord and the tenant. By virtue of the  agreement, the tenant receives the permission to use the property and assets (optional) of the  landlord for a specified period of time. The contract will also mention the amount of the rent or  lease.

Residential Rental Agreement Template PDF Format Download

Partnership Agreement

A partnership agreement is usually made between the business partners which legally certifies that  they are into the business together under certain terms & conditions. The agreement states nature  of business, the capital to be contributed by every partner in the contract as well as the rights &  responsibilities of every member.

General Partnership Agreement Sample Template Download Word

Independent Contractor Agreement

An independent contractor agreement is a legal contract that you should make in case you hire an  independent contractor for your project. The contract will certify that the contractor is working on  your project and other essential details like his payment, his responsibilities and among other  things specific expenses such as meals and travels.

California Independent Contractor Agreement for Company Word Format

Residential Lease Agreement

As the name suggests, a residential lease agreement is formed between a landlord & his tenant.  The agreement legally certifies that the tenant is entitled to use the landlord’s residential property  under the specific terms & conditions stated by the landlord and agreed upon by the tenant. It will  also include the lease fee.

Purchase Option with Residential Lease Agreement

Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement takes place between a couple who are engaged to get married and are not  married yet. The agreement is regarding ownership of respective assets that will come to play in  case the marriage does not work. It is meant to avoid the nasty fights on assets between couples  during divorce.

Sample Blank Prenuptial Agreement PDF Download

Executive Agreement

Executive agreement can be defined as contract between government heads of 2 or multiple  nations which hasn’t been ratified by legislature­ the way treaties are usually ratified. Such  agreements are politically binding contracts and are not same as treaties as these come under  legally binding contracts. Executive agreement is a less formal affair.

Executive Employment Agreement Word Format Free Download

Sublease Agreement

A sublease agreement can be defined as the contract between an old tenant & new tenant, who is  also termed as sublessee or subtenant. By virtue of the said agreement, the sublease extends this  right to the sublessee to take over or to share the rented property enjoyed by first tenant.

Printable Commercial Sublease Agreement PDF Download

Purchase Agreement

A purchase agreement is a legally binding contract between sale of good between buyer and seller.  It certifies the various terms and conditions to be maintained by the two parties involved in the  transaction. It can be used on the transaction for all types of goods but cannot be used on services.

Real Estate Purchase Agreement Template PDF Document

North American Free Trade Agreement

The North American free trade agreement or NAFTA is a historic trade agreement signed by US,  Canada & Mexico. It authorizes a trilateral rule­binding trade bloc in North America that created  one among the biggest free trading zone in the world. It came to effect in the year 1994, January 1.

NAFTA Certificate of Origin PDF Download

Roommate Agreement

Roommate agreement is a contract between co­tenants residing in one common residential unit.  The contract outlines the specific terms & conditions to be maintained by the tenants as well as the  responsibilities to be shared by them. These are also known as the roommate contracts and help to  avoid conflicts between co­tenants.

Sample Sharing Roommate Agreement Template Printable

Service Level Agreement

A service level agreement is a legal service contract which is made between the service provider &  client. It formally defines all the major aspects of the service provided such as the quality, scope &  responsibilities to be agreed upon by both the parties, the client and the service provider.

Departmental Service Level Agreement Template Doc Download

Trade Agreement

A trade agreement or trade pact can be defined as a beneficial wide ranging taroff, tax & trade  treaty which often comes with investment guarantees. It can be formed between two or more  parties and helps to reduce barriers so that all the parties on the contract can benefit from increased  trade.

Preferential Trade Agreement PDF Download

Buy Sell Agreement

A buy sell agreement is formed between the business partners and is also termed as buyout  agreement. The legally binding contract certifies the follow up of a situation where one of the  partners leave the business or dies or is compelled to come out of the business. It tell;s how the  business share would be sold.

Simple Share Buy Sell Agreement Template Word Format

Separation Agreement

A separation agreement is a legally binding contract made between two spouses who have decided  to stay separate from each other. The contract states the rights of each party regarding the major  conjugal aspects like child custody or access, debts, property or assets as well as spousal or child  support.

Marriage Separation Agreement Template PDF Download

Loan Agreement Template

A separation agreement is a legally binding contract made between two spouses who have decided  to stay separate from each other. The contract states the rights of each party regarding the major  conjugal aspects like child custody or access, debts, property or assets as well as spousal or child  support.

Company Standard Loan Agreement Template Free Download

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