Franchise Agreement Template – 10+ Free Word, PDF Documents Download

A number of businesses and brands around the world are franchise-based. As in, experienced and financially-stable businesses are welcome to buy a franchise of a known brand, and do business. Obviously for this to materialize, a lot of paperwork is required. One of the documents to be signed is a franchise agreement. It contains terms and conditions pertaining to the acquiring franchise, rules, regulations and restrictions. Take a look at some franchise contract agreements we have compiled here. You can also visit Consultant Agreement Template.

Our franchise Agreement Templates clearly specifies the franchise fee that might include not only the fixed joining fee but also royalty payments based on monthly basis. All the agreements and terms are clearly mentioned in the template to make it easier for the franchisees. You can download it in word, pdf, or excel format.

Franchise Agreement Form Template Free Download PDF Format Free Download

globalnegotiator.com | With this international franchise agreement template any franchise can sign new partners. It includes the franchisee name, the location of business and other terms of using the rights. Download it in PDF format.

Business Franchise Agreement Template Free Download

forumofregulators.gov.in | A franchise business can use this template to get into agreements with franchisees. It is simple and legally binding and explains the points of the contract. The free Word template can be easily downloaded.

Network Franchise Agreement Template Word Document Free Download

pure.strath.ac.uk | This franchise agreement template can be used to manage a large business in order to keep each franchisee in a specific area of operation avoiding conflicts. Download it here in Word format.

Master Franchise Agreement Template Free Download

dps.mn.gov | In Minnesota vehicle sales businesses should sign this agreement for every new vehicle they sell. It captures the dealer name and address, the manufacturer and distributor details and can be downloaded in Word format.

Model Cable Franchise Agreement Template PDF Format Free Download

nelligan.ca | This franchise agreement includes the royalty or fees for the franchisee, the territory to cover, the terms of the agreement among other terms. Download it in this free PDF file format.

Energy Utility Franchise Agreement Template PDF Format Free Download

ksrevenue.org | For the purposes of furthering market reach this franchise agreement is signed between the supplier and the franchisee. The PDF template contains the supplier details, the distributor details and the items in subject.

Pharma Franchise Agreement Template PDF Format Free Download

orcities.org | This franchise agreement template is signed between the city and a corporation as the franchisee. It is available in PDF format and includes the parties to the agreement, the terms to be observed and the authority granted the franchisee.

Scholarship Pageant Franchise Agreement Template Word Document Free Download

wp.misstennessee.org | In order to successfully carry out a pageant event, there have to be sponsors here referred to as the franchisees. Use this template to make the agreement. Download it in a customizable Word format.

Contract Franchise Agreement Template Word Document Free Download

townofpaxton.net | This type of franchise agreement is done by the city in support of a project. The editable Word template can be customized as may be required to come up with the unique and relevant agreement.

Cable Franchise Agreement Template PDF Format Free Download

cityofvancouver.us | Use this franchise agreement if you want to franchise cable television business to small service providers. This PDF template contains the franchise agreement parties, the terms governing the franchise and the royalty.

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