13+ Consignment Agreement Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

Consignment Agreement is formed between consignee and consignor for storage, transfer, sale, resale and use of goods. There are various key issues to consider while creating such agreement. Our samples containing clauses like goods assigned percentage of purchase price and termination. You may also visit Shareholder Agreement Template.

The examples are very carefully formulated and allow no uncertainty regarding third parties, decrease exporter’s risk because he remains the owner of the goods in storage and the distributor does not need to pay until goods are sold. The samples act as your reference and guideline and help you understand whether you are getting a good deal or not. You can also visit Agreement Templates.

Consignment Agreement Template in Word, Pages for Mac


Stock Purchase Agreement Template in Google Docs


Simple Sale Agreement Word Template


Sales Agency Agreement With Trademarks Protection Template


Simple Manufacture and Sales of Goods Agreement


Example Consignment Agreement Template Free Download

  • example consignment agreement template

cuddlebugsconsignment.com | One is supposed to write the date of the pick up so that your goods do not get sold or donated. The contract also needs you to fill out your name, address, email and phone number for easier identification.

Free Download Consignment Agreement Template

  • free download condignment agreement template

dunnsattic.com | The sample consignment is gives a detailed description of the commission of 50% of the sold items and also a discounted sale after 45 days of the 90 days sale.

Sample Vehicle Consignment Agreement Template Download

  • sample vehicle consignment agreement template

member.copart.com | The sample template asks for a photo for identification of the consignee. It also needs the year, make, model, color, license plate and state of the vehicle so that there is no mix up in payment or pick up of the car.

Example Used Vehicle Consignment Agreement Template

  • example used vehicle consignment agreement template

affordableautobrokers.com | So that you can have your old care sold you must give out the relevant information about the car. This information includes if the car has been in a major accident, floods, and hail damage or on a salvage title.

Example Hospital Foundation Consignment Agreement Template

  • example hospital foundation consignment agreement

brhfoundation.org | This example consignment needs the artist to fill the date of the agreement was made and the name of the artist to represent the hospital in the art auction.

Free Double Check Farm Agreement Template Download

  • free double check farm agreement template

doublecreekfarm.weebly.com | Getting a seller for your horse may be the best option. The example template needs the consignor to fill the details of the horse like horse name, age, breed, sex and scars on the horse.

Sample Equipment Consignment Agreement Template

  • equipment consignment agreement

westerneda.com | After the date and the names of the parties that are in agreement, the sample outlines the consignment, retention of tile listing fee and sales of equipment. This will ensure trust on selling of your equipment.

Example Property Consignment Agreement Template Download

  • property consignment agreement template

labexofma.com | The example property consignment agreement requires the consignor to adhere to ownership, description of consigned property, price and time of payment before undertaking the deal.

Example Consignment Agreement & Guide Template Free Download

  • consignment agreement guide template

legalzoom.com | The sample is for people seeking to know more about consignment agreements. The template give an overviews reason for entering into the agreement and the do and don’ts checklist.

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