14+ Distribution Agreement Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

A distributor agreement is often necessary to engage a distributor to market the products on behalf of the manufacturer or stockiest. The agreement stipulates the obligations and responsibilities of both the parties in a contract. A written distribution agreement also acts as a legal document that can be used to take legal steps by one party if the other violates the agreement. You can also visit Settlement Agreement Template. Sample and example available here can be used to write a legally enforceable distribution agreement. The Agreement Templates includes all significant clauses like the products details, the earning of the distributor, the process of supplying the products, the process of refund of damaged products, the territory of the distributor and tenure of the agreement etc.

Software Distribution Agreement Template in Google Docs

software-distribution-agreement-form-template Get It Now

Termination of Distribution Agreement Word Template

termination-of-distribution-agreement-word-template Get It Now

Exclusive Software Distribution Agreement

exclusive-software-distribution-agreement Get It Now

Distribution Agreement Template in Pages for Mac

distribution-agreement-template Get It Now

Service Level Agreement in iPages

service-level-agreement-in-ipages Get It Now

Agency Agreement Corporate Duties Template

agency-agreement-corporate-duties-template Get It Now

Outsourcing Services Agreement Word Template

outsourcing-services-agreement-word-template Get It Now

Sale Agreement Template

sale-agreement-template Get It Now

Sample International Distribution Agreement Template Free Download

sample international distributor agreement template

lacountlaw.com | This sample of international distribution agreement is for companies looking to sign a contract with a distributor. The key factors considered are appointment and acceptance, direct sales and distributor representation.

Free Sample Exclusive Distributor Agreement Template

free sample exclusive distributor agreement template

megadox.com | As a manufacturer giving only one distributer the contract for your distribution is an intelligent and bold move. That is why we offer you with this sample that has a grant of distributorship clause.

Sample Content Distribution Agreement Template Free Download

sample content distribution agreement template

apps.opera.com | Finding the right agreement for a computer and phone services distribution can be hectic. This example template with terms such as appointment might come handy in getting a god distributor.

Free Software Distribution Agreement Template

free software distribution agreement template

ftp.trifox.com | To ensure a lasting and convenient distributor it is essential for the manufacture to come up with a software distribution agreement. This sample template with great recital and definition may be used for reference.

Example Introductory Distributor Agreement Template

introductory distributor agreement template

bellfund.ca | Handing an introductory distribution agreement to a distributor is a good business move. The example template is a guideline you can use to give you distributor a background explanation of the agreement.

Sample Non-Exclusive Distribution Agreement Template

non exclusive distribution agreement template

mat.com.gr | Having various distributors in an area is very advantageous as your products are close to every buyer. A non exclusive agreement form with an accommodation of the corporation’s name is all need to achieve this.

Free Format Selective Distributive Agreement Template

selective distributive agreement template

petproducts.co.uk | This free format sample gives manufacturers a fine example of a selective distributive agreement. The template gives the distributer the clear format of how to come up with a legal agreement that give a correspondent address.

Example Owner Distribution Agreement Template Free Download

owner distributution agreement template

marsdd.com | The example owner distribution agreement template has three parts to be filled and the date of the agreement. This file can be downloaded and used for referencing or as a contract itself.

Free Sample Supplier Distribution Agreement Template

supplier distribution agreement


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