15+ Roommate Agreement Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

Sharing your apartment with a roommate is a great way of saving some money but you might want to sort out some issues in order to avoid any dispute later. This is when the roommate agreement comes into the picture. It is a written document that specifies details such as the people involved, the rent, splitting of bills, and other conditions that the parties might want to add. It clarifies all the doubts and nuances beforehand to assure that both parties are compatible and agreeing to the terms. You can also visit Purchase Agreement Template. Check out the different downloadable readymade formats available along with the various samples and examples to get a better idea. You may also see Agreement Templates.

Roommate Agreement Template

roommate-agreement-template Download

Room Rental Agreement Template in Google Doc

room-rental-agreement-template-in-google-docs Download

Simple Apartment Rental Agreement Template in Word

simple-apartment-rental-agreement-template-in-word Download

Month to Month Rental Agreement Word Template

month-to-month-rental-agreement-word-template Download

Example Roommate Agreement Template Free Download

example roommate agreement download

digipen.edu | When you want to live with a roommate, there should be an agreement on how to operate, share and pay rent. This sample template includes all that and the specific details of how to live harmoniously.

Free Downloadable Roommate Agreement Template

free download roommate agreement

sweetg.com | This roommate agreement sample template is a great resource in that you can lay down all rules on one page. It contains the details of the roommates, the unit, rent payment terms and general rules of living.

Sample Download Roommate Agreement Template

sample download roommate agreement template

bc.edu | Before signing a roommate agreement you need to go through this example template in order to understand how it works. This also shows why you need the agreement and what it should contain to make it legally binding.

Free Roommate Agreement Template Download

free roommate agreement template download

austinresidence.com | In order to make a legally sound roommate agreement, this sample can be of help. It is designed to include details of several roommates, rent payment the landlord and the address of the rental unit.

Example Roommate Agreement Template Free Download

example roommate agreement templates

life.arizona.edu | This roommate agreement template is a checklist to capture information on the preferences by the tenant on how they should live among other issues. The sample is arranged into categories that make it very easy to use.

Free Roommate Agreement Template Download

free roommate agreement template download1

uky.edu | In order to sign an effective roommate agreement, such a sample template can be of great help. It includes the details of the landlord, the premise, the tenants, security deposit and rent payment terms.

Sample Roommate Agreement Template Free Download

sample download roommate agreement template1

ohio.edu | This sample document explains the importance of a roommate agreement when you want to live together. The template can be used as a guide when drafting your own agreement so as to remain within the legal bounds.

Sample Roommate Agreement Worksheet Download

roommate agreement worksheet document

slu.edu | If you want to live in harmony with a roommate then signing a roommate agreement may be the best thing to do. This example shows the aspects that you can agree on so as to satisfy each one’s preferences.

Example Off Campus Roommate Agreement Template Download

off campus roommate agreement

umbc.edu | In order to efficiently manage a shared room this sample roommates agreement is necessary. It includes the details of the roommates, the way the utility bills will be shared and rent payment allocations.

Free Roommate Contract Agreement Template Download

roommate contract document

depts.ttu.edu | With a legally binding roommate agreement you can live in harmony with roommates. This example details the rent payment terms, the names of the parties and the agreement termination clause.

Example Roommate Lease Agreement Form Download

roommate lease agreement form


Free Roommate Contract Agreement Form Download

roommate contract agreement form


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