20+ Service Agreement Templates– Free Sample, Example, Format Download

Whether you’re a service provider or a client, it is necessary to ensure that both agree to the same terms in order to avoid any dispute in the future. A service agreement comes in handy as it clarifies the conditions of the business transaction between a seller and the buyer. It is a written document that clearly specifies the time and the price paid by the buyer for the services provided by the seller. You can also visit Consulting Agreement Template. Download from the wide variety of readymade templates and samples of a service Agreement Templates that can be used in various fields such as marketing, finance, and advertising etc.

Service Level Agreement Word Template

service-level-agreement-word-template Get It Now

Travel Services Agreement Template

travel-services-agreement-template Get It Now

User Agreement for Web Hosting Service Template

user-agreement-for-web-hosting-service-template Get It Now

Website Service Agreement Terms of Use Template

website-service-agreement-terms-of-use-template Get It Now

Network Services Provider Agreement Template

network-services-provider-agreement-template Get It Now

Programming Services Independent Contractor Agreement

programming-services-independent-contractor-agreement Get It Now

Simple Master Professional Services Agreement Template

simple-master-professional-services-agreement-template Get It Now

Marketing Services Agreement Template in Google Docs, iPages

marketing-services-agreement-template Get It Now

Outsourcing Services Agreement in Word, Pages for Mac

outsourcing-services-agreement-template Get It Now

Child Care Service Agreement Template in Google Docs, iPages

child-care-service-agreement-template Get It Now

Sample Interim Service Agreement Template Free Download

sample interim servie agreement template

pge.com | If you want to sign a service agreement with a service provider this free template is necessary. It can be downloaded in Word and edited as required. It includes the details of the parties and the scope of work to be done.

Free Service Agreement Template Download

free service agreement template

parallax.ws | As a service provider, this template agreement document can be of great help when making a service agreement with a client. It covers you legally and ensures the terms are complied with by both parties.

Example Service Agreement Template Free Download

example service agreement template

archstl.org | As a security service provider, this professionally designed PDF service agreement template can do you a lot of good. It spells out the terms of the service, payment terms and liabilities.

Free Service Agreement Template Download

free service agreement template1


Free Standard Service Agreement Template Download

standard service agreement

elance.com | This type of service agreement template can be used across the board. Since it is available in an editable Word format, the document can be customized to suit any setting.

Example Professional Services Agreement Template Download

professional services agreement

rideart.org | This service agreement can be used in any professional setup since it is designed expertly. The Word format template includes the relevant law, the service terms and the general provisions.

Free Service Level Agreement for IT Services Download

service level agreement for it services

bbk.ac.uk | If you want to make a legally binding service agreement for IT services then this is the right template. The Word format document covers the objectives of the agreement and the service to be given.

Sample Independent Contractor Service Agreement Template Download

independent contractor service agreement

tulane.edu | In order to be legally covered when contracting an independent contractor, this PDF template is important. It covers the parties details, the work, the compensation and conditions of the contract.

Free Tuonome IT Service Agreement Template Download

tuonome it service agreements

tuonome.com | This sample service agreement PDF template is essential in making the IT service agreement. It contains the terminology, service to be offered, the agents and licenses and assignment and release clauses.

Example Legal Services Agreement Template

legal services agreement

alrp.org | This legal service agreement template is designed to include the parties identifications, the conditions, responsibilities of both the law firm and client, the legal service to be provided and delegation of services.

Sample Computer and Network Systems Service Level Agreement Download

computer and network systems service level agreement


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